Grow up!
Grow up!

The Arabs masquerading and calling themselves "Palestinians," those who have been running around whining about not being given their own independent state. have to now be firmly ignored and shunted off to some obscure corner of the planet where they can be happy killing off one another in acts of holy accordance with their beliefs.

President Trump has finally called their bluff, told them to do their thing and make a decision. His patience, after three hapless years of dealing with them, has worn out. The Peace Plan he proposed last week gave them the opportunity to have their own state, but first, they would have to, G-d forbid, follow some rules which include disarmament, the cessation of terrorism, seriously joining the free world, caring about the future of their own people, but most significantly, recognize Israel and accept that the Jewish state will continue to exist.

That's a tough one for them to swallow given the indoctrination of hate that they have suckled from the likes of Yasser Arafat and their current President-for-Life, Mahmoud Abbas.

They would have to give up the lie that Israel exists on stolen land..... what they falsely consider, their land. Israel never stole any land from any Arabs. The area named by the Romans as Palestine when they conquered ancient Israel back in 72CE, never, until 1948 harbored any independent state, never had a king, emperor and to rub salt into their wounds, it was the Jews living in that area who referred to themselves as "Palestinians." The Arab residents living there, only from the 8th century on, called themselves Arabs or Syrians. Recall, the Jerusalem Post was formerly, The Palestine Post and that it was Jewish boys from Palestine, who fought under the British flag in both WWI and WWII, and composed the Palestinian Brigade. Not until Arafat, in 1964, created out of nothingness, The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), did they filch that name for themselves and suddenly falsely assume a history of thousands of years.

These Arabs must recognize the Jewish history on that land and must cease denying Israel's right to exist. Apparently they are not ready for this reality lesson. It is the so-called "Palestinians" not Israel's leader, Netanyahu, who is refusing to accept the solution. We call out those, even Jews, who are parroting "Palestinian" falsehoods that destroy the cause of peace. We urge them all to learn a bit of history and finally, the whole bunch of them, to grow up!