Arabs now see the Iranians for what they are
Arabs now see the Iranians for what they are

The Arabs from the oil-rich foothills of the Iranian Zagros mountains, the Arabs of Iraq and  the Arabs of Lebanon have realized that the Iranians have attempted to ‘bait’ them with hatred for Israel and ‘switch’ them into Iranian slaves. That is why the entire Iranian “Shia Crescent” is in raging flames, and the Iranians are seeing the billions they spent go down the drain. The real tragedy is that the mainstream media can’t admit this anti-Iranian Arab upheaval is President Trump’s Grand Strategy from the start.

Over a year and half ago, on May 6, 2018, I outlined in my article, ‘Trump and Mattis are carrying out a grand strategy in Syria,’ what President Trump’s Iranian strategy was.  In the article, I stated, “The Arabs from the oil-rich western foothills of the Iranian Zagros Mountains to the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea still need time to see that Iran has played them for the fools that they are, but they will soon find themselves in favor of Trump's plan.  America’s protection of the Kurds and Arabs in Eastern Syria will provide the time for the Arabs to see that Iran is stealing their oil resources and using those very resources to enslave them into a faux-religious tyranny. Like in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Iran fought to the last drop of Arab Shiite blood to conquer all the Arabs only to pronounce, “Some Shiites are more Muslim then other Shiites” or specifically, “Persian Shiites are more equal than Arab Shiites.” 

One has only to look at Iran’s rape and plunder of Iraq’s oil resources to see that the Iraqi Shiites have less under Iran’s thieving puppet Iraqi government than they had under the Sunni Saddam Hussein.  President Trump needs to use his twitter account to expose Iran as robbing both Shiite and Sunni Arabs of their oil and gas resources.”

Al Jazeera interview: "The Arab world tells you: ‘If you want to liberate Jerusalem for me, I don’t want you to.’ I took a survey yesterday – no one wants you to liberate Jerusalem or Palestine for them!”
But one doesn’t need to look at the raging protests and burnings of Iranian consulates to see the Arabs are on the march against their Iranian slave-masters who are murdering Arabs by the hundreds of thousands and stealing all their oil wealth. 

In a recent Al Jazeera video interview, the host, Feisal Al-Kassam, a well-known figure on Arab-world social media with millions of Twitter followers, was interviewing an Iranian diplomat Tamir Muswai when Al-Kassam suddenly broke into a mini- tirade and pressed the Iranian on what the Iranian Islamic state planned on doing with Israel after Iran “liberates” Jerusalem:

“You [Iranians] want to liberate Jerusalem? And what will you do with it? You will join it to what? [an apparent reference to Iran’s boasts to include it in its developing empire – HF] Will you join it to Baghdad, which the world defines … as the filthiest capital in the world? Will you join it to Beirut, which has become the biggest garbage dump in the Middle East?  Will you join it to Damascus, where people are dying of hunger? Or perhaps it will become like Sanaa [in Yemen] of the Houthis?!  The Arab world tells you: ‘If you want to liberate Jerusalem for me, I don’t want you to.’ I took a survey yesterday – no one wants you to liberate Jerusalem or Palestine for them!”

Al-Kassam has hit on the key question: What will the destroyers of Israel, whether they be Erdogan’s Neo-Ottomans, or Khamenei’s Neo-Iranian Safavids, do with Israel the day after they have, heaven forfend, achieved their goal?

Will they create an idyllic democratic “Palestinian State” where all the Arabs have American-style constitutional rights?  No, the Neo-Ottomans or Iranians will enslave their Arab pasties and murder them without mercy or thought. One need only look at the Iranian “successes” of Iraq and Lebanon to see what the Arab’s Iranian slave-masters will do to the Arabs if they are ever allowed to attack Israel.  

My “Eastern Theater” Strategic maps show that the true objective reality is Israel is the only thing protecting the Arabs from being wiped out and massacred by the Turks and/or the Iranians.My video of these strategic gaming maps, proves that it is the great and tragic irony that the Jews of Israel are protecting the Arabs from an enslavement worse than death and this all the while the Arabs are attacking Israel.

Let’s hope President Trump can consummate his Grand Strategy of freeing the Arabs from the great terror of the Iranian faux-Islamic regime.  In World War I, Lawrence of Arabia freed the Arabs from their enslaving Turks.  If President Trump is successful in stoking a Pan-Arab anti-Iran rebellion, history will crown him the “Donald of Arabia,” the American President who heroically freed the Arabs of the monstrous and murderous Iranian Regime.