ISIS is murdering Christians in Nigeria - but it wants you next
ISIS is murdering Christians in Nigeria - but it wants you next

ISIS - this evil plant that grew in the infested soil of radical Islam – has just beheaded 11 Christians in Nigeria. They slaughtered them and cut their heads off, brandishing these in front of a West horribly forgetful of what the West is supposed to be -  Judeo-Christian-Greek-Roman. The enemies of civilization know it well. The West no longer knows it. We don't even hear the dull sound of those heads rolling.

Look at the horror video of this group of Christians before being beheaded by the Nigerian ISIS. They are funeral masks coming from a distant desert, without backgrounds, without names, impressive and at the same time by now banal, a drama repeating itself every day.

These men are human effigies waiting for the deadly verdict, they are already beyond life. They are the kidnapped, they are the plundered, they are the take-offs, they are the victims of a shock to civilization that the West has  decided to ignore, at its own risk.

The West has a much darker future than their beautiful faces.

Take the numbers describing anti-Christian persecution in Nigeria: 16,000 Christians killed since 2015, 900 churches destroyed, 100,000 people displaced and in a single diocese, 5,000 Christians murdered.

Call it “clash of civilization,” “extermination,” “religious cleansing.” The substance doesn't change. Those who write the opposite lie, knowing they're lying. It's a war to eradicate a religion to the cry of “Allahu Akbar”.

Israeli Jews and Christians are expected to share the same fate under radical Islam. The only difference is that the Israelis have the IDF.

Instead of scapegoating “the Zionists,” they should be a model. The faster the Christians understand that, the more chance they will have to save themselves.