A eulogy for Tzippy and Noam Rachel
A eulogy for Tzippy and Noam Rachel

Dear Kollel community,

It is with a broken heart that I inform you of the tragic passing of Tzippi and Noam Rachel Rimel, זכרונם לברכה. 

Together with R' Ephraim, שיחיה לחיים טובים וארוכים,  Tzippi ז״ל enriched and elevated our Chicago community for four years as an integral and cherished part of our Kollel family. Tzippi was a brilliant, strong, witty, fun, learned, spiritual and beloved wife, mother, educator, friend and role model.

Her interpersonal gifts enabled her to reach women of all ages; she led our Bat Mitzvah program, inspired high school girls through GNOL and taught adults through a myriad of shiurim throughout the years in Chicago.

After returning to Neve Tzuf in 2014, R' Ephraim and Tzippi continued to stay in touch with our Kollel and our Chicago families, especially by hosting many young students for Shabbat in their home.

Nechama and I attended the levaya Sunday with an overflowing crowd, including many of our community's young men and women currently in Israel, whose lives were touched by Tzippi ז״ל. I also saw many of our other Israeli Kollel alumni and Torah Mitzion staff; we are all simply overwhelmed with the inability to grasp this tragedy.

In addition to touching tributes from family members and distinguished rabbis, the principal at the school at which Tzippi worked delivered heartbreaking words of eulogy. She described how other teachers all considered Tzippi their best friend and the unbelievable creativity and love she brought to her classroom and students.

On Thursday, Efraim shared with us that their daughter, Noam Rachel, only three weeks old, was named Rachel as she was born on Rachel Imeinu's yahrtzeit. May the memory and zechus of Rachel Imeinu wipe away all the tears.

At this hour, Ephraim and Itai (12 years old) are in desperate need of rachamei shamayim for a refuah shleima. Please daven for Ephraim Tzvi Moshe ben Shulamit Tzivya and Itai Yaakov ben Tziporah.

May HKB"H give the entire family comfort and chizuk during this unimaginably difficult time and in the days and months ahead.

With profound sorrow,

Reuven Brand