Nikki Haley, “Iron Lady” who became Trump’s conscience
Nikki Haley, “Iron Lady” who became Trump’s conscience

Nikki Haley served as our UN Ambassador from January 2017 to December 2018, yet in that short time she stamped herself forever as the “Iron Lady” for US foreign policy.

Which means, President Trump’s foreign policy, his commitment to do things his way; not their way, these Deep State crybabies, now up close, channel to channel, petulantly whining to make the point for Adam Schiff’s stacked Impeachment Show that Trump refused to play with their marbles and by their rules. 

Stop the presses, but that is exactly what Trump had in mind from the start. His rules. His channels. America First. No more playing patsy for an ungrateful world. 

But succeed as he has – softening up North Korea, ripping up Obama’s misguided Iran Nuke Deal – his choices for his cabinet, the Tillerson types, too often failed him.

Then came Nikki Haley, and she arrived just in time. 

Her influence, along with that of others, was a deciding nod at getting Judea and Samaria back in Jewish hands, as per the historic and dramatic news of just the other day.

But her clout at the UN and within President Trump’s inner circle began earlier than yesterday. 

Her voice can still be heard echoing throughout the chambers at the Security Council; members ducking for cover…the same bums who were so accustomed to flag Israel week to week.

Then again, this week. 

“We’ll be taking names,” she vowed, to those who voted against the United States. That was when the Trump Administration announced Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and again Jerusalem as the place where the United States Embassy would now be located. Nikki Haley made the case as decisively as a drill sergeant, to a roomful of groans and frowns.

Talk like this they had never heard before, and a woman like this they had seldom seen before. The lady meant business.

What changed? First Nikki Haley changed. Then Trump changed. The US policy for the Middle East changed. 
Indeed, names were taken, and foreign aid was slashed from one country after another. 

What changed? First Nikki Haley changed. Then Trump changed. The US policy for the Middle East changed. 

Israel changed most of all. Before Trump, Israel lacked US support for Jerusalem, for the Golan Heights, and for Judea and Samaria.

Today, that is all in Jewish hands, so far as America is concerned.

How much is Nikki Haley owed for all this? Not everything. But plenty. She became Trump’s conscience. 

Within a short period, Trump learned to trust her above all the rest of his advisers, and her own conscience was stirred the moment she stepped into the UN Security Council.

There, even on the first day on the job, she found it to be worse than she could have imagined.

Before she arrived at the scene, the scene of the crime, she knew Israel’s position at the UN academically. She was unprepared by what she found on site, the collective assault against Israel, all of them of the same mind, diplomat to diplomat feverishly determined to bring down the Jewish State -- and it shook her.

The anti-Semitism was real.

There would be no reasoning with these people.

She conveyed her observations to President Trump.

Early on, Trump also thought reasoning was the way to go, and so he was prepared to make peace deal concessions that would benefit the Palestinian Arabs even to the detriment of Israel.

Trump, a New Yorker after all, had always been favorable to Israel. But he also loved making deals.

He was on his way to proposing the Deal of the Century, when two things happened; the Palestinian Arabs kept thumbing their noses at him, and Nikki Haley told him what the real world was like… what it was really like from her day to day posting down the pits at the Security Council.

She heard how they talked. She overheard how they whispered. She saw how they voted, and she got rapidly educated. The books don’t teach this.

She led Trump to understand that no deal would pacify the Palestinian Arabs, nor satisfy the nations that populate the Security Council, or the General Assembly, bigots all.

Trump heard all he needed. From this point on, he would be all in for Israel.

He trusted Nikki Haley’s instincts as much as his own.

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