If Trump is guillotined, Kavanaugh will be next in line
If Trump is guillotined, Kavanaugh will be next in line

When I was in high school, I read the The Ox-bow Incident, a gripping novel about three white men falsely accused and hanged by an out-of-control vigilante prowling mob that, in the heat of a frenzied manhunt, falsely believes the three innocent men have robbed and murdered a a local rancher. 

While I’m no expert on hangings, my feeling is that throughout history, many of them have been carried out in the frenzied heat of passion.  That is why I think the current Democrat Impeachment effort is neither a hanging nor a lynching.  In fact, the Democrat Impeachment plan is a purposeful, modern-day French Revolution-type scenario that intends to guillotine President Trump first; then decapitate Justice Kavanaugh; and finally,relieve the 62,984,828 "deplorable" Trump voters of their Constitutional rights. 

Make no mistake. If President Trump is guillotined, the Republican Party and all Republicans, including never-Trumpers, will be next on the chopping block.  This is not a coup d’etat aimed only at President Trump.  This is a coup d’etat against the Founding Fathers' United States of America.  There will be nothing left.

President Trump and many right-wing commentators have allowed the Democrats to succeed in labeling their behavior as caused by visceral hatred aimed at President Trump; when in reality, their unbridled hate is for the Trump voters and everything those voters believe in. 

If you don’t believe biological males identifying as females should play women’s sports and take showers in the girls’ locker room, you are labelled a “Trans-phobe,” “racist,” or whatever. 
There is a reason Hillary Clinton called Trump voters “deplorables.” And the current crop of Democrats has since escalated their vitriol and generically labelled Trump voters as “Racists,” “Nazis” and whatever else they could come up with, merely because thse people voted for Trump.  For example, if you don’t believe biological males identifying as females should play women’s sports and take showers in the girls’ locker room, you are labelled a “Trans-phobe,” “racist,” or whatever. 

It’s not Trump-Derangement Syndrome, it’s Trump-Voter-Derangement Syndrome.  They hate the 62,984,828 Americans who voted for President Trump, not just President Trump himself.

Does anyone really think that if the Democrats' blood lust for decapitating President Trump succeeds, they will stop there?  Fresh from drinking Trump’s blood, the frenzied neo-Jacobian Democrats will thirst for and take aim for Justice Kavanaugh’s head next.  And, they will get it.  The same Stalinistic show trial will be choreographed to bring back Justice Kavanaugh’s accusers with full amplification of the social-media-fueled mainstream media mob.  The Trump haters don’t hate Justice Kavanaugh because he was nominated by President Trump, they hate Justice Kavanaugh’s beliefs and those of the 62,984,828 million Trump voters. 

And, Justice Gorsuch,  after they have honed their decapitating Impeachment process on Justice Kavanaugh, it will be all ready for you. The Democrats will find something, or make something up.

With the overthrow of the Presidency and the Supreme Court, the Democrat Party will have fully taken over the American government.  If in 2020, Trump is actually found guilty of Impeachment by the Senate Republicans, it will be a walk-in for any Democrat running for President.  The Senate Republicans will have signed their own death warrant for the 2020 election cycle, and will find themselves in the Senate minority. Then, the Bolshevik wing of the Democrat Party will execute the final revolution against the Menshevik wing of the Democrat party.  The useful Menshevikian idiots, the likes of the Schiffs, Nadlers, and Pelosis will have outlived their usefulness.  If these mostly Jewish Congressional idiots agree to go quietly, they will be dismissed, perhaps even find lobbying jobs.  If they don’t agree to go quietly, they will be primaried out of existence, and left for road kill by the Democrat machine.

The United States of America is not in the midst of a constitutional crisis, it is in the midst of a French and Russian-style revolution. It will be tragic if Americans first realize they have undergone a revolution when it is too late to do anything about it.  Americans will find themselves paraphrasing Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemöller's oft-quoted words describing the Nazi elimination process:

First they came for President Trump, and I did not speak out because I was not President Trump. 

Then they came for Justice Kavanaugh, and I did not speak out because I was not Justice Kavanaugh.

Then they came for me, and there was nobody left to defend me. 

The United States of America and the freedom of the entire world is at existential risk.  If the Democrats take down President Trump, nothing America cherishes will be left standing once they are done. Nothing.