I am the Anonymous Whistleblower
I am the Anonymous Whistleblower

The Jewish holidays season recently has ended. It begins with Rosh Hashanah, which Jewish tradition sets as the New Year of all humanity . . . runs through the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, the anniversary of G-d forgiving the sin of the Golden Calf after Moses alighted Mount Sinai the second time and prayed forty days for forgiveness (Sh’mot/Exodus 34) . . . continues into the week-long celebration of the Sukkot festival (Vayikra/Leviticus 23: 33-43) . . . and culminates with the holidays of Sh’mini Atzeret and Simchat Torah when Jews celebrate the spiritual joy of having publicly read and studied the Pentateuch, the Five Books of Moses, during the prior twelve months — and then begin the annual cycle anew with Breishit/Genesis 1 by publicly reading the Torah all over again, starting with “In the Beginning, G-d created the heavens and the earth.” 

Because I am a congregational rabbi, I mostly have to go “off the grid” on most other matters every year during a two-month period that begins from two or three weeks before Rosh Hashanah (preparing divrei Torah sermons, coordinating membership drives, overseeing our shul’s High Holidays hotel program, brushing up on shofar sounding) and that continues two weeks or so after Simchat Torah, as I promptly must catch up frantically on six weeks of secular matters that necesarily have taken a back seat all that time.

But, oh how I have bristled!  The hypocrisy around all of us in this world.  The despicable deceit, the false posturing, the public lying for personal gain. Is Nancy Pelosi really motivated by a desire to protect our nation — or by a never-satiated need for holding onto personal power at whatever cost may be imposed on all of us?  Is Nancy Pelosi really motivated by a desire to protect our nation — or by a never-satiated need for holding onto personal power at whatever cost may be imposed on all of us? 

Can there be a more despicable two-faced liar than Adam Schiff — whether in publicly reciting a transcript that he falsifies or even in his cynical exploitation of his Congressional District’s large population of 70,000 Armenian-American voters whom he manipulates annually?  They complain that he ignores his District and spends all his time like some Stalinist KGB prosecutor, conducting secret star-chamber proceedings to destroy people’s lives — and he mollifies them by getting a resolution passed that condemns the Armenian Genocide. He has been in Congress for twenty years, and suddenly the Democrats only now pass a resolution acknowledging one of the worst inhumanities ever perpetrated — Turkey’s Medz Yeghern, the unspeakably horrific Turkish Holocaust of some 1.5 million Armenians. And, having cynically endeavored to quiet his constituents with a resolution, he goes back to conducting his show trial.

Yes, the Great Evil provides so much material for an Orthodox Rabbi’s sermons — but I prefer to keep my messages focused on spiritual, Torah-based themes, trying my hardest to avoid commenting from my shul pulpit on the secular garbage outside.  By stark contrast, amid the leftist movement known as Reform Judaism, where the vast majority of reform clergy have little of Torah and Talmud and core-based Judaism to discuss in their temples — because they do not practice it themselves —  they use their sermons to promote the Democrat Left agenda.

But we Orthodox Jews, the fastest growing community of Jews in America, are the opposite.  We are deeply pro-life. We oppose assisted suicide. We are people of deep faith. We love President Trump.  Even in radical left Los Angeles — Home of the Homeless, Turf of the Typhus — more than 70 percent of Orthodox Jews vote Trump. We despise what the Democrats have done these past three decades to destroy the social unity and moral fiber of our country. 

More than a year before the Trump Administration recently issued an order to protect the religious freedoms of adoption and foster-care agencies, over one thousand Orthodox rabbis urged such action. We Orthodox Jews hate that we are denied coverage in the media, with our views blacked out by a Corrupt Journalist Corps who have a different agenda to promote.  If NBC can cover up for human garbage like Harvey Weinstein, and if ABC can cover up for human garbage like Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton, then we Orthodox Jews do not have much chance having our voices resonate.

But if the media keep us hidden and anonymous, do not believe for a moment that we have not had plenty to say about corruption.  If Adam Schiff conducts secret star-chamber proceedings with falsified transcript readings of a President’s phone call and with leaked out-of-context quotes to select Corrupt Journalists, do not be surprised that you have not heard my testimony released.  But I have had plenty to testify about corruption. And when I say that “I” have been the anonymous whistle blowerCan there be a more despicable two-faced liar than Adam Schiff — whether in publicly reciting a transcript that he falsifies or even in his cynical exploitation of his Congressional District’s large population of 70,000 Armenian-American voters whom he manipulates annually?

I am the anonymous whistle blower who blew the whistle on the Bill Clinton corruption. How, long before #MeToo, Bill Clinton was raping Juanita Broaddrick, sexually abusing by exposing himself to Paula Jones, sexually abusing by grabbing at Kathleen Willey, sexually abusing by leveraging his status over Monica Lewinsky. Not to mention Clinton’s endless journeys on the Epstein airplane, the “Lolita Express.” Not to mention the corruption of the Clinton Foundation’s many  scandals.

And Hillary?

I am the anonymous whistle-blower who blew the whistle on the Hillary Clinton corruption.  

  • Travelgate.  Cattle futuresWhitewater and the missing records of the Rose Law Firm.
  • The Uranimum One transfer of American uranium to Russian interests while Bill scandalously was getting paid huge speaking fees.
  • How she joked and giggled about successfully defending a monster who had raped a child. 
  • How she sent the deceitful Susan Rice on four television talk shows in one day to lie to the American people about the real cause of the Benghazi massacre that saw our ambassador murdered, with Rice attributing the catastrophe to a stupid and unwatchable short Youtube video that almost no one ever viewed, even as Hillary secretly was emailing her daughter about the real and true cause of the disaster: an Arab Islamist jihad attack timed to coincide with September 11.
  • How Hillary was using her email account illegally, endangering the foreign policy of the United States by emailing confidential and highly classified documents in channels that exposed them to being hacked and intercepted by our enemies, even as she maintained a private server in her home bathroom.
  • How, when she was called upon to produce those emails, she destroyed 33,000 of them — an outright spoliation felony that would have landed any other American in prison long-term. 
  • How she lied to us, as though we all are idiots, telling us that those spoliated emails dealt with things like her yoga classes and buying Chelsea a wedding dress — 33,000 emails for yoga and a dress. We know she cannot contort herself into a lotus position — and we did not let her contort herself into the POTUS position.
  • How she lied when she claimed to have braved bullets in Bosnia in 1996, when she in fact landed in a safe area where children gathered with flowers.
  • How she even lied about being named for someone who in fact was not famously known yet at the time of her birth.
  • And of course how she maneuvered campaign money through a Seattle law firm to subvert Trump with lies — as her campaign paid $5.6 million to Perkins Coie, and Perkins Coie retained Fusion GPS, which then hired Christopher Steele to compile the infamous fake dossier.
  • And how, despite herself trying in every way to ingratiate herself with the Russians, she shamelessly declares one after another opponent — ranging across the spectrum from Donald Trump to Tulsi Gabbard to Jill Stein as “Russian assets.”

I am the anonymous whistle-blower who blew the whistle on Joe Biden and his decades upon decades of public lying and corruption.

  • How he made a passionate speech about his own life story — when it was not his story but plagiarized from British politician Neil Kinnock. 
  • How he falsified accounts of traveling into dangerous regions of Afghanistan and risking his life to praise a real war hero, when it all was a big lie. 
  • How his son, a bum who had been kicked out of the Navy Reserves for cocaine use, got paid $50,000 a month for sitting on a corrupt Ukrainian energy company’s board, leveraging our votes — though never cast for him — to become rich beyond our wildest dreams. 
  • How Joe Biden corruptly leveraged his position as Vice President here in America, unilaterally threatening to withhold a billion dollars that Ukraine needed and was slated to receive, to force Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating the corrupt company, Burisma, that was paying Hunter Biden $600,000 a year for sitting on his rump. (Interesting, by the way, that the lead candidate of the anti-NRA Democrats, the party that wants to take away guns, named his kid “Hunter.”)
  • How Joe Biden was a leading advocate of racial segregation when that position was popular among his constituents.
  • How he told Iowa voters in 2007 in one of his earlier failed Presidential campaigns that they and their kids are smarter because they are White: “There's less than one percent of the population of Iowa that is African American. There is probably less than four of five percent that are minorities. What is in Washington? So look, it goes back to what you start off with, what you're dealing with. When you have children coming from dysfunctional homes, when you have children coming from homes where there's no books, where the mother from the time they're born doesn't talk to them — as opposed to the mother in Iowa who's sitting out there and talks to them, the kid starts out with a 300-word larger vocabulary at age three. Half this education gap exists before the kid steps foot in the classroom.”

I am the anonymous whistle-blower who blew the whistle on all of Elizabeth Warren’s lies and corruption. 

  • How she claimed to be an American Indian to advance her career every step of the way.  A Sioux, gezuntheit
  • How she took the place of a true, honest minority member whose identity we never will know, by lying her way into an Affirmative Action slot by claiming to be a Cherokee Squaw. 
  • How she lied by publishing supposed family American Indian food recipes that appear to have been copied from the New York Times.
  • How she lied when she claimed she was fired from a teaching job because she was pregnant.
  • How she lied by defaming her mother’s memory to score points, apocryphally telling of her mother smacking her in the face
  • Indeed, the false face of this forked-tongued public liar was never more obvious than when she had herself video’d as being “cool,” just pulling out a beer: “Hold on a sec. I’m gonna get me, um, a beer.” And her husband just so happened to be hanging around at the moment: “Hey . . . ya wanna  beer?” He: “No, I’ll pass on the beer for now.”
  • How she made hundreds of thousands of dollars by representing big corporations against consumers, victims of asbestos, and even victims of breast-implant failures.

I am the anonymous whistle-blower who blew the whistle on the corruption of the Obamas.

  • How Barack obtained a beautiful big house for himself on a nice piece of land through his corrupt relationship with convicted felon Tony Rezko.
  • How Michelle Obama suddenly got a job as Vice President of Community Relations at the University of Chicago Hospital, at a $121,910 salary, after Barack was elected an Illinois state legislator . . .  then got a salary hike to $$316,962 for the same job after Barack was elected to the U.S. Senate . . .
  • How one of Senator Obama's first acts in office was to advance an earmark of more than one million dollars to that hospital . . .
  • How that job quietly was eliminated as the Obamas then moved on.
  • How Barack secretly sent 400 million dollars in cash by plane to Iran.
  • How Obama lied that his Obamacare would not force anyone to lose their doctors or health plans.
  • How Obama lied on Fast and Furious . . . and on Lois Lerner weaponizing the IRS to persecute political opponents . . . and on his role in trying to subvert the Trump Presidency . . . and on his “stimulus” going to “shovel-ready jobs” . . . and on the permanent limits of a “new normal” in the economy that never could boom again without a magic wand.

I am the anonymous whistle-blower who blew the whistle on the false narrative of Robert O’Rourke, a Scottish-Irish descendant of White Privilege falsely portraying himself as “Beto,” supposedly an Hispanic neo-Zorro to gullible voters in El Paso.

  • How “Beto” actually descends from huge amounts of money and “White privilege.” 
  • How this “Kennedyesque” Democrat hit-and-run, fleeing from the scene of a car accident he caused.
  • How he associated with a gang of computer hackers. 

While others drooled over his selfie-obsessed video-streaming of getting his teeth flossed, his ear hairs trimmed, or his being a very big boy who does not cry when he gets an immunization injection, I blew the whistle on his fake narrative. And now the skateboarder whom Vanity Fair put on its front cover with his prophecy “Man, I’m just born to be in it” — is totally out of it, man. Dude!

I am the anonymous whistle-blower who blew the whistle on Kirsten Gillibrand, a phony who got elected to a House seat held by Republicans when news mysteriously leaked only days before the election that the GOP incumbent beat up his wife.

  • How Gillibrand turned 180 degrees overnight from the conservative “blue dog” Democrat façade she used to get elected to that House seat and transmogrified into advocating an extreme-leftist agenda when she was named to the Clinton Senate seat.
  • How she next turned 180 degrees from being a Bill Clinton sycophant and bottom feeder to lead the chorus that Clinton should have resigned.
  • How she took a lead role in the #MeToo movement while knowingly tolerating sexual harassment and abuse of women staffers in her own office by her valued male chauffeur. 
  • How she endorsed Jew-haters like Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour while reaching out to Jewish donors and voters in New York.
  • How she made a national fool of herself at a gay bar, trying to seem cool and yelling out “Gay Rights!”

I am the anonymous whistle-blower who blew the whistle on Kamala Harris and how she slept her way into public life

  • How she consorted publicly, openly, and shamelessly with the married Willie Brown, rising up the California Democrat ladder to reach statewide office on his back.
  • How she prosecuted and imprisoned others for marijuana possession while smoking weed herself.
  • How she told an interviewer that she smoked marijuana in college while listening to Snoop Dogg and Tupac — how cool! — when in fact they had not yet emerged in those years.

I am the anonymous whistle-blower who blew the whistle on the Communist Bernie Sanders, who laid the foundation in America to legitimize Jew-hatred from the likes of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, who have brought Hitler Nazi tropes to Washington, D.C., questioning Jewish loyalties, saying that Jewish money controls politicians (“It’s about the Benjamins, baby), asserting that Israeli Jews hypnotize the world, and describing the “calming feeling” of contemplating Arab Islamic roles during the Shoah.

  • How he made it legitimate to suggest diverting American aid away from Israel and towards the Hamas government of Gaza.
  • How he endorsed the Soviet Union, honeymooned there, praised Communist bread lines as “a good thing,” endorsed communist governments from Cuba to the Sandinistas.
  • How he aligns with Jew haters, endorses and defends them and notably is endorsed by them.

I am the anonymous whistle-blower who blew the whistle on the corruption in the Comey FBI. 

  • The lies to Congress.
  • How Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were in the conspiracy to subvert the Trump presidency from within the FBI and to prevent him from achieving his agenda if he ever got elected, along with a coterie of sleazes from Comey to McCabe, with cheering on the sidelines from the likes of a John Brennan, whom Obama named to head the CIA even though the man had been an avowed Communist who voted for Gus Hall.
  • And then, in the style of a classic Communist-style “false flag” operation that seeks to achieve a propaganda purpose by diverting attention from a real traitor by pointing an accusation to an innocent patriot, Brennan accused the patriot Donald Trump of “treason” — thus taking the public’s eyes off the real traitors in the room.

There is so much corruption in our politics. So much more and worse than candidate Donald Trump ever imagined when he campaigned on a promise to “drain the swamp.”  The corruption is so pervasive and runs so deep that perhaps it cannot be drained. 

Today’s Democrats fight with whatever they have at their disposal; they cheat, lie, leverage their Corrupt Journalist Core to advance their propaganda.  They hold closed-door hearings and then selectively leak out of context. They have no fear of being exposed because the Corrupt Journalist Corps are in on the fix.  The only exposure that ever comes at all is when they all run against each other for a Presidential nomination, so of necessity attack and expose each other.

By contrast, the vast majority of Republicans do not know how to fight. They are best epitomized by a Mitt Romney who agrees to allow a CNN Democrat to conduct a Presidential debate unilaterally, then gets himself interrupted by her in the middle of that debate when she joins his opponent, Obama, in a lie . . . and then stands like a deer in headlights incapable of or unwilling to defend himself like a man and fight back because “that is not nice.”

I am not the only one. There are many tens of millions of us anonymous whistle blowers. We have been blowing the whistle for years.  The Corrupt Journalist Corps silence our voices. Our testimony is suppressed. But we voted in November 2016 for President Trump. And we will reelect him in 2020. They will hear the decibels then.