Fake PA compliance, Fake PLO Charter change, Fake NYT story
Fake PA compliance, Fake PLO Charter change, Fake NYT story
At his recent UN General Assembly speech, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas threatened to cancel all diplomatic agreements with Israel if the next Israeli government carries out Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign promise to apply Israeli sovereignty over parts of the 'West Bank'.  In his address to the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York, Abbas slammed Netanyahu for “arrogantly” promising the annexation of the Jordan Valley and Israel’s “colonial settlements,” and warned a religious war could break out over Israel’s policies in Jerusalem.

The problem for Abbas’ threat, however, is that for Abbas’ threat of rescinding the PA-Israel Peace Agreements to mean anything, the PA would have had to have first complied with the Peace agreements to begin with.  Abbas’ threat to rescind “agreements” that the PA never abided by to begin with is fake threat.  Fake PA compliance to begin with equals a fake PA threat of rescinding compliance to end with.  

And one of the PA’s most important obligations that the PA has faked compliance with is its obligation to have removed the ugly and virulently anti-Israel clauses of the PLO Charter that was last amended in 1968.  And to add to the fake mix, leave it to the New York Times to write fake stories claiming  the PLO changed its ugly Israel-hating charter. 

In sum, a fake PLO Charter change wrapped in several fake NYT articles equals a fake Palestinian threat to rescind its Oslo agreements.

Firstly, the PLO Charter was never changed because Clause 33 of the PLO Charter as amended in 1968 specifically states that there can be no change to the Charter unless 2/3s of the full membership of the Palestinian National Council and such a vote can only be made in a meeting specially noticed for an amendment change. This did not occur.

Clause 1 of the Resolution voted on states that the PNC decides “amending the Palestinian National Charter and cancelling the Charter’s articles opposing the exchanged letters between the PLO and the Israeli Government on September 9th and 10th, 1993.

Clause 2 of the resolution states that a legal committee would be formed to draft a new Charter. The committee was never formed.  Since, the PLO committee to change the PLO charter was never formed, or offered specific changes that were properly voted on no change in the PLO Charter has occurred. The PLO simply staged a fake PLO charter change.

But, none of the real facts mattered when the New York Times decided to falsely conclude and report that the PLO did change its charter.

The first false NYT false story was published on April 25, 1996 with the headline and the portion of the article stated, "PLO Ends Call for Destruction of Jewish State": "Bowing to the insistent demands of Yasir Arafat, the main assembly of the Palestine Liberation Organization voted today to revoke the clauses in its 32-year-old charter that called for an armed struggle to destroy the Jewish state. . .". This was fake NYT story number one.

This falsehood was then followed with another false NYT story on Dec. 15, 1998 with the headline and the portion of the article on, "Clinton in the Mideast; Clinton Watches as Palestinians Drop Call for Israel's Destruction": "With President Clinton as their witness, hundreds of former Palestinian guerrilla fighters voted here today to rid their organization's charter of any clauses calling for the destruction of Israel, knocking down a critical roadblock on the rutted path to peace. . .". This was false NYT story number two.

One would have thought that the New York Times having clearly already once erroneously reported in 1996 article that the “PLO Ends Call for Destruction of Israel” in its first story would have related in the second 1998 article “Palestinians Drop Call for Israel’s Destruction” that it got it completely wrong the first time.  But not only did the New York Times omit that important fact, but the New York Times also falsely reported for a second time the same fake PLO charter change.

In conclusion, the Palestinians have clearly come to the conclusion that they don’t have to abide by any agreements with Israel because all they have to do is make some fake pronouncements, and the New York Times with print them as if they really mean something.  Put another way, why comply with agreements if the New York Times will publish your lie. 

 Abbas’ threats of non-compliance with the Oslo agreements are as empty as the PA’s compliance with those very agreements. Just don't ask the New York Times.