From Mugabe to Gaza, the Western useful idiots are back
From Mugabe to Gaza, the Western useful idiots are back
He destroyed a beautiful country of which he declared himself the living god: “Zimbabwe is mine!”. Robert Mugabe said he wanted to live up to a hundred years. In a state radio interview for his 88th birthday, Mugabe said he was stronger than ever: “I've died many times. And I beat Jesus”.

At 95, Mugabe failed to resurrect again.

Two years ago the president of Zimbabwe had been forced to resign after having tried to suppress the protests of those who asked that, after 37 years of uninterrupted dictatorship, he quit. Zimbabwe's agricultural production had collapsed to the point where one third of the population is in need of food to survive, 3 to 5 million people (out of a population of 16) had already fled abroad and the unemployment rate was at 90 percent.

How did Mugabe last so long - in addition to torture? It was made possible thanks to the adulation of the many “Western useful idiots”, as Lenin called the Western fanatic supporters of Communism. A series of left-wing sympathizers, imbeciles and other traveling companions kept him afloat.

It starts with the US ambassador to the UN under President Jimmy Carter, Andrew Young, who was bursting with enthusiasm for Mugabe and actually described him in the London Times as “so damn incorruptible” (Zimbabwe is among the ten most corrupt countries in the world ).

The University of Massachusetts and Michigan State University were among the many Western academic institutions that conferred doctorates to the Zimbabwean satrap long after he had abandoned any claim to democratic domination. The honor reserved for him by the University of Massachusetts is particularly ironic, as they said that Mugabe had to be honored for “his success in rebuilding the economy of his country” and “for having laid the foundations for racial harmony between blacks and whites” (the same Mugabe who proclaimed “Zimbabwe to the blacks”).

Mugabe was a friend of some of the most powerful apparatchiks of the United Nations. One was Jean Ziegler, a scholar from the Sorbonne, a Swiss special commissioner for the rights to food, who said of Mugabe that “he has his story and his morality accompanying him”.

A few months before his departure from the scene, Mugabe had been named “goodwill ambassador” by the United Nations World Health Organization, until protests forced the director general to reconsider it. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, head of the WHO, said he was “honored” to be joined by Mugabe, who was praised for having built “a country that places health promotion at the center”. Not bad for a country where a woman said she was only able to escape rape by Mugabe's henchmen by shouting that she was sick with HIV.

In 2013, the UN even held a world conference on tourism in Zimbabwe. In 1994, Mugabe was awarded the title of knight by the royal house of the United Kingdom. Moreover, in a cartoon in the 1988 Times, entitled “Mugabe's model harmony”, the ruler is holding the portrait of Marx and in the other that of Queen Elizabeth, with whom she loved to have tea.

“Where can the Leninist-Marxist rhetoric be found with such a healthy private sector? Perhaps Zimbabweans could teach the British something about pragmatism”, explained British diplomat Anthony Parsons.

And let us add the degrees from the University of Edinburgh, withdrawn when the Zimbabwean tragedy became too big to be ignored. And three Bachelors of Science and Law from the University of London.

At that time, a boycott by conservative philosopher Roger Scruton was announced at Glasgow airport. “While Mugabe was honored.” Scruton wrote. And when the royal house finally withdrew his title, Dominic Lawson wrote in the Independent: “It is not to humiliate Mugabe that his knighthood should be revoked, but to end our humiliation.” And that of many Western idiots.

We can now find their like everywhere in the form of Israel's enemies, in Gaza, in Ramallah, in Beirut, in Teheran.

Anti-Semithic anti-Zionism is their aphrodisiac.