Exposing physical and intellectual terrorism to awaken the oblivious
Exposing physical and intellectual terrorism to awaken the oblivious

It is terrible that incidents like using cars to run over innocent children and other means of terror are still happening in Israel and around the world, and that so many oblivious individuals are not being informed about these events - and even if they get to know about them, they do not care.

They do not understand that once evil is unleashed, ALL people from ALL walks of life, will become its victims.

Unfortunately, terror today is taking two major forms. One is the physical attack, by all kinds of weapons which may include cars, knives, bullets, rockets, bombs, etc. The other one is the verbal attacks which intend to incite, malign, deceive, rewrite history and educate the oblivious to become the perpetrators of malicious action. These actions could be physical terrorism and/or no less aggressive non-violent terrorism, which includes Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

Our fight against evil is relentless but there is too much uncontrolled evil to address with too few people fighting it. Therefore, it is imperative to educate as many people as possible with the correct information. This will help them join the effort to stand up against evil and expose the perpetrators of the deception, even if those perpetrators are members of Congress, University Professors, High School Teachers or any other person in important decision-making or educational positions.

The risks to free society are too high to remain timid or silent and let evil prevail.

The most recent event is the insane events dealing with the two Congress people from the USA, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. They were planning to come to Israel, not to study the true historical and current facts, and learn from both sides about the issues, so that they might be able to make an intelligent decision on reasonable recommendations to try and make the world a better place. Their declared intention was to boycott the Israeli leadership, and to go with anti-Israeli organizations.

This move was designed mainly to increase the level of deception and to misrepresent the issues, in order to assist the "Intellectual Terrorists" of the BDS movement, which is hoping to liquidate the state of Israel and cause harm to the Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora.

Imagine if another Radical Muslim Regime headed by the current, self serving, corrupt, Palestinian Authority or HAMAS, similar to the ones which are ruling Syria, Iran or Iraq, would be in charge in the Land of Israel. All good people from all walks of life, would become their targets, including those Arab Palestinians who would like to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors.

Even with relatively limited powers, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are clinging to their political positions, using terror and deception, even mistreating their own.. What is even worse, is the fact that they are using their educational system, and all other Governmental and Media resources, to promote lies and misinformation, including re-writing history, in order to brainwash even their own school children, and to perpetuate the conflict in the Middle East, to the detriment of all good people in the region and around the world.

By the way, the "Arab Palestinian People" were offered several times, in recent years, an independent state of their own, even though in the history of the world, there was never ever an Arab Palestinian people or state in the Middle East.

The more freedom to act and to plan we give the terror supporting entities, without exposing them, the less safe will all of us be.

It is high time to wake up and call out the perpetrators of evil, for what they are!!

Maybe the oblivious will wake up.