Pay-to-slay – it’s time to take this seriously
Pay-to-slay – it’s time to take this seriously

Ho-hum. That’s pretty much the widespread reaction from news that for Mahmoud Abbas, murdering Jews is a priority – and I can’t believe I’m writing this in 2019…or 5779.

Where else is this happening? I could find nothing to compare. No place else in the entire world is such savagery practiced or condoned.

I’m talking about pay-to-slay

But at Abbas’s Fatah and Palestinian Authority, it’s official policy, whereby wounded or imprisoned or taken-out terrorists and their relatives get PAID. This is the “authority” still designated as a peace partner, and this the “partner” that, through Jared Kushner’s generosity, is directly or indirectly being offered $50 Billion to promote “prosperity” …when in fact so often it is the killers and their families who prosper.    

It’s as if no one is paying attention to the inhumanity of it all. This warlord means business.

He has gone ahead and tripled the salary of an imprisoned terrorist who murdered three Israeli teens.
If you challenge the barbarity, as through the Taylor Force Act, which now cuts funding to the PA as means to stop the PA’s unconscionable behavior, Abbas will teach you a lesson, and so he has gone ahead and tripled the salary of an imprisoned terrorist who murdered three Israeli teens.

So not just in your face twice; but three times.

The man isn’t even pretending to be civilized. He laughs and the world laughs with him at his being so giddily transparent. 

For him and the entire clan that commenced with Hitler stooge Mufti Haj Amin Al-Husseini, it’s been the Law of the Jungle ever since, which postulates “activity not regulated by the law of ethics or civilization.” Yet there are dreamers who think that with such people you can still do business. 

But there is no talking to head-hunters, especially when they are on your trail and pick up the scent of fear and weakness. 

This brings to mind Cornel Wilde and one of the finest jungle movies ever made. In “The Naked Prey,” a safari has gone wrong, all are killed by a tribe of warriors, except for Wilde, who is given a chance to run for his life, if he can outrun his pursuers. So it is a game, but a game of life or death…and he does get a head start.

The Israelis never do get the chance. Each man, each woman is a target so long as the Law of the Jungle persists, and as King David kept asking – how much longer?

So far as the rest of the world, we know the answer, and as to the United States, yet another peace process from yet another administration, same old story, and back to square one. Nothing’s been learned, and yes, back to Einstein’s definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

If not insanity, it is futility.

The Israelis themselves will have to come up with an answer, and it won’t be any good through appeasement. 

Give him more appeasement, and Abbas will quadruple his payments.

The Israelis go to the polls again September 17, and as usual from one election to the next, the campaigning is about “peace” and which candidate is prepared to give up the most or the least amount of Jewish territory for a piece of paper. The generals, for some reason, are usually the most notable patsies, and even Ehud Barak wants another chance to cause more damage.

But Benny Gantz, a man with competitive poll numbers against Benjamin Netanyahu, and who has praised the forced evacuation of Israelis from Gaza, is running differently now.

He says, “We’re not threatening to uproot anyone.” 

Take that as a signal that such plans are already in the works.

Mahmoud Abbas, at least, tells you exactly what’s on his mind.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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