The false god of Drag Queen Story Tme for our children
The false god of Drag Queen Story Tme for our children

The leaders of what is nominally called an American Jewish institution, The Jewish Community Center of Austin Texas, recently invited a group, Drag Queen Story Time to come into the center and read to our children. This group does this activity all over the country from what I understand. It is, they argue, intended to widen the understanding and openness of our kids to their views on human sexuality.

On their website they announce their vision is to “give kids unabashedly queer role models. The kids are able then to see people who defy rigid gender restrictions and imagine a world where people can present as they wish, where dress up is real.” 

I look at it quite differently.

It is, in essence, a religion of a false God, a divinity calling us to reject a core Judeo-Christian value of distinctions and boundaries. The action harms our man in a dress, our culture and particularly our young.
it is an unabashed attack on the foundations of our American culture.  It’s also an attack on our kids, their innocence and their delicate and vital world of figuring out what it truthfully means to be a boy or girl, father or mother, friend or acquaintance, husband or wife. The bottom line is that it is basically an attack on the God of the Bible. It is the worship, instead, of the God of Leftism. 

The man in a dress reading to our kids is due our love as a child of the God of the Bible, but he is also due our opprobrium because this man in his public action is worshiping at another altar, an inappropriate and harmful one, that of Leftism. It is, in essence, a religion of a false God, a divinity calling us to reject a core Judeo-Christian value of distinctions and boundaries. The action harms our man in a dress, our culture and particularly our young.

Look all around us. Look at what has happened over a century as this false religion from Marx, Rousseau, Hegel, Woodrow Wilson, and now Barak, Bernie and AOC washed over Europe and now invades America with its value system. The regression is palpable; read them; see their post-modern nihilism and how they put it to effect in our culture and in Europe. Read their poison like, “there is no such thing as Truth or God.”  The distinction between good and evil is gone in this new religion.  Here, there are only narratives.

To the man of the radical Left, there is no distinction between the morally good Israel and the Arabs intent on completing the Final Solution- each simply have their own subjective stories to tell.

The distinction between man and animal- gone. The 4 inch fish, the Delta Smelt, has as much right to water in the central valley of California as the poor farmer. 

The distinction between adult and child- trashed. It’s why men of the Left call for voting rights from our clueless 16 year olds. It’s why large numbers of American kids assault our teachers in school and mouth off to our wonderful police on our city streets.

The distinction of one married man and one woman forming a family and raising a child -  poof, gone for the progressive liberal Left. Like they say above, they  “imagine a world” where families can present as they wish- no Mom, no Dad, a group of lovers in a polyamourous mush- whatever floats your boat. It’s no wonder millions of our poor fatherless boys are growing up with such lack of control and virtue, giving us 50 murders over a typical weekend in the Leftist diocese of Chicago. 

How about the distinction between elevated and vulgar language?- gone too, with these worshippers of this false God. . That’s why our public space is now wretchedly polluted with the most vile language spewing from adults.  How are we doing there with the likes of the Robert DeNiros and crowds at the California Democrat convention, all shrieking  “F….. Trump!”  

Then there is the rejection of distinction regarding national borders. How are things going with the Left erasing such distinction?  We have utter anarchy at our sovereign borders with millions of people flooding into our American home, the majority having to feed off the hard labor of the white, black, gay, straight, Latino, transitioning hard- working American Dreamer citizen.

How about the distinction of private versus public property- constantly attacked by the adherents of this false religion?  As Barak, AOC and Bernie have said, after a certain point you’ve made enough and the rest belongs to me, one of the enlightened Priests of the Leftist Temple on Capitol Hill. How is that Venezuelan collapse- drama going to play out in America?

And what these men do in Austin is to tear apart another distinction so vital to our enlightened, truly liberal , God-based America- the distinction of male and female.

All of us understand there are similarities between men and women, that both deserve equal rights and opportunity, but there are also essential, deep and radical differences. We have learned from experience, our Biblical and Western heritage, history, science and common sense that embracing such distinctiveness is vital to maintain a healthy society and produce happy healthy men and women, boys and girls and families. Breaking or blurring the distinction is destructive. 

Just look around us.  Because of the disrespect for such distinction we essentially have society- sanctioned child abuse going on. Our kids are being told the lie that they are not girls or boys. They are told they will decide that at some point later in life. Before they can even figure out what a Mom and Dad, marriage and creation of families are all about, they are told to celebrate that there are 51 or 52 genders on FaceBook. We’ve got poor little boys running around in dresses at birthday parties and Bar Mitzvah’s because their parents have been brainwashed by this false religion of Leftism. Pre-pubescent children, doing what many kids naturally do, namely question their sex, are being encouraged to “transition,”  sometimes even being offered life-altering medicines or surgery by their lost and brainwashed parents.

Our poor young men and women are bewildered and befuddled at the meaning of masculine or feminine. A guy channeling his God-given nature to be strong, assertive, physical, gentlemanly- to be a provider or protector, is now medicated with Adderall for his presumed ADD or reviled for his “toxic masculinity.”  Our poor young women , trying to exhibit femininity with modesty in dress and sexual matters, or pursuing  natural inclinations like getting married, bonding to a man, having kids and building a marriage and home are told they are succumbing to the male patriarchy. This God of Leftism, is,with its attack on distinctions, is a master at producing nihilism and destruction on every front it touches. 

And so no wonder we are left with the utter foolishness and harm perpetrated by these American Jewish teachers and leaders welcoming into our schools men attired in dresses and lipstick to read to our kids . It has nothing to do with advancement of Judaism, Americanism, Western Culture or the God of our Bible. It has to do with Leftist nihilism and narcissism.  In so doing they defy healthy and vital norms, boundaries and distinctions that have taken millennia in the West to refine and produce.  They are proud it, but in so doing they defy science, logic , wisdom, knowledge, experience and the God-based ideas and values of the great American and Judeo Christian civilization that resides here on our shores. Shame on them and their assault on our culture and especially on our children.

It's also the 75th Year Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion and its heroes. Man is a complex, dignified, soul-possessing human and has a choice, but I’d encourage men to  take off the dresses, especially in public, and particularly in front of our kids, to embrace the distinction of male and female .  As it says in the Bible  - “ He created them male and female and blessed them."  Embrace the blessing of our nature, your distinctiveness as men- not the falsehoods and destructiveness of the God of Leftism with its lack of distinctions and “gender fluidity”.  We may once again need you to charge down some new beaches with your unique male nature and abilities.