Where exactly is your ‘Palestine,’ Mayor de Blasio?
Where exactly is your ‘Palestine,’ Mayor de Blasio?

He did not play by the rules, as dictated by the Democrats, so New York City Councilman Kalman Yeger has been bounced off the council’s immigration committee.

That’s his punishment for saying “there is no Palestine,” and then refusing to apologize, and if they could send him to a Soviet-Mao style “re-education camp,” they would.

We don’t have reorientation gulags here yet, but it’s coming, and already exists on campus. Free speech for me, but not for thee.

One man speaks up and it’s like he disturbed a wasps-nest.

Mayor de Blasio and other Democrats felt that Yeger’s tweet was an insult to Palestinians everywhere – though in real life there are Palestinians nowhere.  

We touched on this a while back in the column, “Even the Beatles preceded the Palestinians,” and here is part of what we wrote:

“Say this for Arafat, he knew how to put one over. He knighted himself and the rest of his gang ‘Palestinian’ and the world said, sure, why not?

“Anything that antagonizes the Jews is a sale.

“Since then…since 1964…the ‘Palestinians’ have been the world’s number one concern, even though they have been nothing but a headache and exist in no history books. Nothing to be found about them before June 2, 1964. That’s when the Arab League certified them as the PLO. 

That’s when they became a ‘people’ -- a people still in search of an ancestry. So far, no luck.”

In fact, The Beatles came on the scene four months earlier.

What prompted Yeger to say something so awful – in other words, the truth?
What prompted Yeger to say something so awful – in other words, the truth? Apparently, the Jewish Democrat who represents largely Jewish Brooklyn, had enough of Rep. Ilhan Omar and her skunky anti-Semitism. Or did he mean Rep. Rashida Tlaib, or Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, together the unholy threesome who, as a tag-team, have turned the entire Democrat Party into anti-Semitism Central.

Remember, that’s the Party that could find no heart and no votes to censure Omar…straight outta Mogadishu into our Congress.

They are all the same…not to forget all-purpose Jew-hater Linda Sarsour. She called Yeger a bigot. Now that is what I call turning the world upside down.

So what rules did Yeger forget? He forgot that one may target Jews, but Muslims, never.

Therefore, as Yeger loses his seat in New York, Omar gets to keep hers in the US House, three of them in fact, including foreign affairs.

Omar knows the rules…and that they are all in her favor.

Jeanine Pirro also did not play by the rules and so, for challenging Omar at her own game, dual loyalties, was then disciplined by Fox News.

True, Pirro is back, but chastened and chilled with the understanding, meant for all of us, that Muslims are a protected class.

Careful what you say. You are being watched!

The Party has its eye on you.

So what’s this? Well, the UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution to condemn hate crimes, which includes anti-Semitism.

Mazel tov…but I am not yet celebrating. We shall see what comes of this.

Originally and naturally the UN had mostly islamophobia in mind, but Israel’s UN Rep Danny Danon fought hard against the odds to have anti-Semitism mentioned as well.

Now if only he can come closer to home to persuade the Democrats. Or are they already a lost cause?

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