Who are the accomplices of terror?
Who are the accomplices of terror?

The speed and accuracy with which the newspapers all have already found the moral and cultural catalysts responsble for the horrible massacre in the mosque in New Zealand - accusing the dozens of critics of unbridled immigration and the cultural upheaval of Europe, that is - are amazing.

These are the same newspapers and politicians who when it comes to the Islamist massacres see neither culprits (the famous “depressed”) nor principals, and who on deadly anti-Semitism only give excuses or remain silent.

Freedom of expression, analysis and thought today is seriously compromised and in danger.

Some low-life French journalists already began to accuse two conservative Jewish intellectuals, the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut and the journalist Eric Zemmour, of complicity in the New Zealand massacre, because Finkielkraut - threatened with death only a month ago - and Zemmour - under guard for five years for threats - denounced the cultural change taking place in Europe.

If this is intellectual dishonesty, can we accuse the fanatics of immigration and the multiculturalism of complicity in the Islamist massacres in Europe?

The goal  to ostracize and silence writers, scholars, journalists and intellectuals critical of Europe is changing by accusing them of collusion with the new fascism. I will simplify the life of public prosecutors. Here is a partial black list: Bernard Lewis, Oriana Fallaci, Michel Houellebecq, Thilo Sarrazin, Pim Fortuyn, Frits Bolkestein, Georges Bensoussan, Bat Ye’Or, Bassam Tibi, Mark Steyn Theo van Gogh, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Roger Scruton, Bruce Bawer, Pascal Bruckner and Rolf Sieferle, to name just a few.

Now they know which books to burn, which authors to boycott, which articles to censor, who to denounce and isolate for suspected Islamophobia. For the dead, ex post burning at stake. There is no time to lose. The West must rediscover its innocence.

About “complicity”... An Israeli has been killed and two seriously injured in a Palestinian Arab attack in northern Samaria, Ariel. I know the moral and cultural accomplices of all these massacres of Israelis that are repeated in the abominable general silence: the UN, which has said that their blood is less red than the others; Europe, which finances Palestinians, a violent palingenesis of them, and which marks the goods of their victims; the mainstream media, which describe their lives as illegal; also the world Islamic umma. What about the Great Replacement of the only Jewish state in the world, Israel?