Guns and Parkland, children and adults
Guns and Parkland, children and adults

Recently, we had the anniversary of the great evil of Parkland. We are just a few months out from the monstrosity of Pittsburgh.  May God be with the souls of the murdered and give comfort to the living.  But with regard to such evil, let’s get beyond the fake news  about common sense gun laws and be honest with ourselves. We are in a great battle between the American adult and child.

The American Left thinks great goodness will be done if we repeal the Second Amendment and disarm the population. But if we are faithful to truth this will consequently leave weapons only in the hands of the State and most of our criminals.  The other half of America, people embracing Americanism, calls for us to do the opposite, to vigorously employ our fundamental right and responsibility and arm ourselves . This other half also maintains great disdain of concentrated State power . This other half also knows that evil men will always easily obtain guns.

These represent the two completely incompatible ideologies and value system competing to run our culture- Leftism and Americanism, the child and adult. One is a demand for weakness, childishness and servitude; the other a call for strength, maturity, honor and liberty. Americanism is the right and true value system- one we should all fight for.

Ask some of the survivors of Parkland or Pittsburg. As the bullets were flying were they praying for a limit to magazine size or for some good adult fellow citizen in the room with a powerful handgun? Ask a guy eating grass in North Korea, does he pray for a bigger more powerful state or millions of guns in the hands of good fellow citizens?

At its heart Leftism is the world of childhood- the world of  foolishness, subservience, weakness and fantasy . It’s fine for kids , but not for adult, free, strong and responsible Americans. It is the world of people afraid to look adult reality in the face. That reality is that evil will always be with us- in the micro, lurking in our streets, and crashing bloodthirsty into our churches and synagogues. It will always be with us in the macro- sense, in the heart of men  and women who love to tyrannize over others by building big, iron- fisted governments. But people who choose Leftism, choose to turn from the adult confrontation of reality . That’s whence their yearning for disarmament . By doing so Leftism takes us back to the default position of humanity- individuals, childishly and abjectly cowering in fear about the micro-monster down the street or macro-monster of the all- powerful State.

Our great American founders understood all this. They were embodiments of wisdom and maturity. They understood human nature, history and our natural attraction to childish things . They understood a disarmed citizenry was giving into those childish proclivities- giving in to essentially becoming slaves instead of masters of our lives and fortunes. 

Long before our founders, Aristotle notes those who have arms are the masters of a State. Algernon Sydney, read and admired by all our founders, beheaded by Charles ll for preaching liberty over tyranny said, “Swords were given to men so they might not be slaves.” Adam Fletcher a great thinker of the Scottish enlightenment said, “possession of arms distinguishes free men from slaves.” In 1791 our Bill of Rights was ratified in part as a firm recognition by both the Federalists and anti- Federalists that private individuals had a natural God given right to arm themselves. They wrote clearly and unequivocally in the Constitution that the State may not invade such a natural right of a private citizen to own and carry a very assaulting weapon to protect himself. 

But now men and women of the Left seek to undo our American experiment – the experiment founded in adult and liberal values. Instead, they demand and yearn for the regressive world of childishness, of Leftism. They listen attentively to children like David Hogg, barely beginning to shave. They listen to this boy stridently instructing us on the ways of the world and how we need to repeal up our Second Amendment. It is why our people of the Left hope for these peach fuzz boys to be given the vote someday- children honoring children. 

In Maryland where I live, this deep Blue State of Leftism, we have listened and followed the calls of such children. Our God given natural right to arm and defend ourselves has been taken from us by what is always the default position, the powerful state lording over the citizen. Now, essentially only evil thugs and the State can be well and easily armed. It is almost impossible for the good, humble citizen sitting in a church pew, school or synagogue or facing possibly a tyrannical government to be armed to fight back against such evil.

We have been politically emasculated.  Our inalienable right to own and carry a gun has now been flagrantly alienated by the self appointed enlightened ones - the Leftist , Democrat leaders of the State of Maryland.  They embrace childishness  and see the electorate as their subject children. In regard to carrying a weapon they have made us a “may-issue State” where our politicians, our employees, not nature or God grant a man his individual right to own and carry a gun.

The Land of the free and Home of the Brave here and in the rest of our Leftist Blue Children States has become the Land of The child Subservient to their Leftist Lords.  We citizens who embrace Americanism claim our dignity, adulthood and liberty. We claim our God Given Second Amendment right and “Shall Issue” so we can return to being free, strong Americans again.