NYFW is a win for religious Jews and Trump
NYFW is a win for religious Jews and Trump

The Great News—Religious Women Are The Rage 

Every fashion show this season, from the veteran designers to those debuting collections, featured multiple pieces that every religious woman can wear.  Better yet, clothes could be worn for every occasion and could be found in every price range.  Necks are covered, sleeves are long and skirts are below the knees and flowing.  Silhouettes are classic and not too tailored, yet feminine and sophisticated.  Colors are bold and prints, stripes and patterns are everywhere.  Women have ample choices of gorgeous outerwear to either coordinate with outfits or stand on their own.

Accessories were classic, not outlandish.  

Design houses like Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren made headlines as usual for their fashion shows.  Michael Kors featured a concert starring Barry Manilow singing. Ralph Lauren celebrated gold at his show in his flagship store.  Elie Tahari celebrated his 45th year in business and is just as popular and innovative as ever.  His clothing, designed for “real women,” included luxurious fabrics and bold blues, beiges and winter whites.  The Iranian Israeli designer continues to give his customer a way to reinvent her wardrobe each season.

But.... It Was Not Business As Usual

February Fashion Week in New York City used to be THE fashion event of the year.  Not anymore.  Design houses and sponsors of runway events, private parties are looking for other options to present their collections.

Could it be the change on Seventh Avenue and the fact that Jews no longer are “controlling the schmata business?” 

Could it be the socialist, progressive government leading the state of New York and running City Hall?

Are leaders like Cuomo and DeBlasio, Gillibrand  and AOC (|Alexandria Ocasio Cortez)  forcing the fashion and tourism businesses tied to NYFW to do business elsewhere, just like they did with Amazon. 

Could it be tied to the rise of hate and anti/Semitism in New York? 

Or can it be that the hate displayed in previous shows for President Donald Trump is driving his supporters, many who are capitalists, business owners and buyers away?  

Are those who voted in today's commander-in-chief with the popular vote, and just gave him some of his highest approval ratings in early 2019, sick and tired of giving special attention to his opposers?

Fake News

Not too long ago,  business influencers and young media executives thought that social media was the new way to produce profits.  True objective and traditional journalism were thought to be dead.  Just like fake news against Israel and President Trump, fake news is getting called out during NYFW.  Published reports, including an article from Launchmetrics, indicate social media influencers, who for the past several seasons took over the week, are not as influential as first thought. 

Once the most sort after attendees at live shows, these reporters and promoters of giveaways, tagging and selfies do not increase sales - based on research.  Designers must rely on traditional exposure, self promotion and loyal repeat customers to attract new customers and keep them.

Weather Issues

While everyone is complaining about global warming, climate change and whatever other code for changes in weather meteorologists are using, the fact remains that during the last three years, a blizzard, snow, rain, freezing temperatures and wild winds caused many to miss shows due to delays and cancellations at airports and within local transportation schedules.  Shows went on without maximum fanfare. 

And, of course, President Trump is being blamed for the weather too.  

The Good News

Israeli and Jewish creative houses of clothes, accessories and art took center stage in many fashion week gatherings.   Some included religious designers, investors and events.  Several young designers are observant, Zionists and openly honest about celebrating Shabbat, sending children to day schools and observing kashrut laws.  Their involvement in New York Fashion Week is important.  It undermines the followers of the BDS movement and brings our young and talented fashion stars mainstream media attention and business opportunities.

The last show Of New York Fashion Week was the Zang Toi show.  The show’s theme was God Bless America.  The colors of the show were red, white and blue.  The American flag was honored.  In attendance were Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, Marla Maples and other patriots.  I was standing next to Donald Trump Jr. as he was being interviewed.  

“It’s great to see someone standing up, being vocal and supporting America.”

Yes, I was able to write this unique look at fashion and politics, two of my passions.  It’s fashionable all the time to stand with Israeli and Jewish fashion businesses, adhere to modest and classic dress and support the leadership of both Israel and The United States Of America.

Cindy Grosz can be reached at [email protected]