Ilhan Omar: So young…So anti-Semitic
Ilhan Omar: So young…So anti-Semitic

Lately I seem to be running a scandal behind. So much craziness – who can keep up? But for anti-Semitism, it’s never too late. You are always up to date.

Because each day brings forth another late-breaking display of ignorance from Ilhan Omar, or is it Rashida Tlaib, or do I mean Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Help me. I can’t tell them apart.

Sisters in dental hygiene and anti-Semitism, these newly minted Congresswomen.

Anti-Semitism appears to be the path these days for anyone wishing to make it to Congress as a Democrat. – where one half of them, say statistics, support the Palestinian Arab terrorists.

So young…so anti-Semitic. Who expected this?  

From Omar, her roots are in Somalia. Why wonder where that bigotry came from! FROM THE SWAMPS OF MOGADISHU, THIS ONE COMES TO LECTURE AMERICA AND JUDGE ISRAEL.

Attention Liberated Ladies – you may want to rethink the Somali Values she intends to impose upon America and the Somali gifts Omar has in store.

She swore allegiance to “the Palestinian cause.” Ask her the chances of a Gay Pride Parade in Ramallah.
Read this from only yesterday in The Guardian about “female genital mutilation” as performed in Somalia.

Then more on that from the World Health Organization, which reveals that 97.9 percent of women and girls over there in Somalia have to get that done. It’s quite the craze.

So, if you think Islamic anti-Semitism is all she’s got, no, she’s got more…more where that came from.

From Tlaib, we also know the score. The moment she was sworn in she said nothing about the Michigan voters who made it all possible, so far as I could tell.

She swore allegiance to “the Palestinian cause.” Ask her the chances of a Gay Pride Parade in Ramallah. (A must read. So this, of course.)

Ocasio-Cortez – who knows? Last year or so she was a cocktail server and this year she is saving the world. I am not kidding. You should read what she has in mind.

So… this is the generation that is going to “repair the world and make it a better place.” Spare me.

My generation, it is true, did not stay up nights worrying about Climate Change – except to know what clothes to wear outside. We did not think of it as a world-shattering phenomenon.

Nor did we lose much sleep wondering who is a boy and who is a girl. We knew right away, and never imagined TRANSGENDER – or that there exists a menu of 140 different genders to choose from, and that if we find that ridiculous, immediately we are scolded for being racists and bigots. Everything offends these up and comers.

That appears the thing for this new generation -- no tolerance for any dissenting point of view.

First comes their anti-Semitism, always that, next a slew of rules to “make the world a better place” through Soviet-style enforcement.

I will say this for my generation – we did enact Civil Rights and we did stop the spread of Communism, which we knew, and still know, as the equal distribution of misery.

Strangely, that’s up next for the new generation – Socialism. Ocasio-Cortez and the others are very excited about implementing this.

But first, anti-Semitism. So naturally, BDS. So, don’t forget, people – remember to boycott Salk’s Polio Vaccine, and no matter the emergency, do not use the Heimlich Maneuver.

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