1979-2019: European cowardice on Iran
1979-2019: European cowardice on Iran

40 years ago, Iran plunged into barbarism.

Imam Khomeini had prepared everything in his house in Neauphle-le-Château, near Paris, where he was lulled night and day by journalists and intellectuals from the French left, before being put on a plane to Tehran. It's been 40 years and Europe has not changed on Iran.

Meanwhile, Europe was celebrating the “World Day of Hijab.”
The ayatollahs just hanged a homosexual and nobody protested in Europe. Alireza Nader, head of New Iran, an organization of Iranian dissidents, said from America: “The silence of Europe over the barbaric treatment of the Khamenei regime is shameful: the European Union only seems to worry about the nuclear agreement and trade links, as if the Iranians had no alternative to living under tyranny”. It is that Europeans do not know what it means to fight for freedom.

The Iranians just hanged the 87th woman under the “moderate” President Rouhani (3,600 executions under his leadership). Women executed for defending themselves during an epidemic family violence legitimized by Sharia, or Islamic law. Meanwhile, Europe was celebrating the “World Day of Hijab”. That veil that Iranian women can not take off without risking arrest, beatings, jail, torture.

And Europe's feminists keep silent.

The US ambassador to Berlin, Richard Grenell, invited Western countries to protest after the last hanging in Teheran: “Many of our European allies have Embassies in Tehran. This barbaric act must not go unanswered. Speak up”.

The answer soon came. While the Islamic fascists who rule in Iran set up the gallows and, as usual, Iranian generals threatened to destroy Tel Aviv, the European countries (France and Germany leading them) were busy launching the new payment mechanism to do business with the Iran, eluding American sanctions.

The Europeans, still the same cowards.