Rand Paul: Congressional know-nothing or deliberate defamer?
Rand Paul: Congressional know-nothing or deliberate defamer?

News broke Sunday morning that U.S. Congressman Rand Paul has refused to support the anti-BDS bill currently before congress as part of an aid package for Israel. Rand Paul’s argument is that he thinks the bill violates freedom of speech and rights to redress government.

An ophthalmologist by profession, this isn’t the first time he has failed to see the forest for the trees.
Paul has shown himself to be a fool, a schlemiel when it comes to suborning terrorism and his refusing to join congressmen who oppose BDS while thinking he is pushing American values shows distorted thinking.

This isn’t the first time Rand Paul claims he is a Libertarian as his reason to support anti-Semites who seek Israel’s destruction. In an earlier episode he also placed U.S. citizens and soldiers at risk by objecting to the killing of Anwar Awlaki, an Al Qaeda superstar.  An ophthalmologist by profession, this isn’t the first time he has failed to see the forest for the trees.

Back in 2011, Anwar Awlaki, a disciple, recruiter and apparatchik for Al Qaeda, was killed in Yemen by a drone strike authorized by the Obama administration. Awlaki, an imam with U.S. citizenship, had recruited and given orders to a Muslim U.S. army officer named Nidal Hassan via the Internet. Hassan attacked the U.S. army base in Fort Hood, Texas killing four U.S. citizens. Awlaki, as an imam, sent Hassan to carry out the killings. However, the Ft. Hood killings were not the only rodeo linked to Awlacki, who also dispatched a terrorist known as the “underwear bomber” to blow up an airliner as it neared Detroit. That attempt failed.

Documents show the U.S. Justice Department  actually began research as far back as 2010 to determine the legality of taking the Al Qaeda imam out militarily. Call that common sense.

But Rand Paul chimed in and complained U.S. government had no right to kill a terrorist leader overseas even after Justice Department lawyers determined it had the right. Rand Paul came up with this piece of logic: He said if the U.S. government’s actions were legal, then our government could do a missile strike on a U.S. citizen sitting at an outside café in the United States. Of course, part of the Justice Department authorization pointed out the immediate danger posed by an Al Qaeda leader based in Yemen who had already killed U.S. nationals and was recruiting more of the same over the Internet.

Rand Paul refused to see the connection between Awlacki in Yemen and a terrorist operating within the United States. Awlacki was a naturalized U.S. citizen who ran a mosque in the U.S. where he preached jihad until he fled to Yemen where he thought he was out of reach of the American military. He was wrong, and some Americans lived because of it.

Rand Paul’s father, Ron Paul, another doctor and congressional member, met with the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and also condemned the attack on Awlacki. He also objected to Israel’s security fence that has stopped 99.9% of suicide bombings. The ADC is an Arab front group in the United States for Hamas and other Arab irredentist terror groups.

Ron Paul says Hamas was created by Israel and Al Qaeda by the U.S.A.  The good doctor declared at his meeting that the fence wasn’t worth having, because the Arabs could just lob missiles over its top to reach Israeli victims on the other side, therefore, Americans should not support the security fence. Using the same logic, Ran Paul shows us how the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Ron Paul relies on conspiracy theories against Israel and wants Palestinian terrorists to get equal footing from the U.S.A.

BDS advocates use sophistry to try claim BDS is merely free speech and a way to expose Israeli “human rights abuses.” Free speech is not a license to tell deliberate lies as the BDS movement does. That is defamation and not protected speech. Yet a sizeable number of schlemiels, even judges sometimes, cannot distinguish the difference. It’s this method of deconstruction that allows many in the BDS movement to get away with murder by calling it “legitimate resistance.” You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

As for human rights abuses, human rights in general, Freedom House, a clearinghouse that determines which countries are abusing human rights, finds Israel at the top of list of countries that preserve human rights including the United States.

So, as the Palestinians execute their people for selling land to a Jew, as they practice real apartheid by claiming no Jew can live in a Palestinian state (while 20% of Israel’s population is Palestinian with equal rights to Jews) and the Palestinians pay salaries to Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails for murdering innocent Israelis. None of that is on BDS leadership’s radar (or Ron Paul’s either).

The key danger here is that while the Democrat Party was astonishingly lining up in opposition to the anti-BDS bill (again, we have a lot of schlemiels in the U.S. congress who think like Rand Paul) the Republicans were said to be solidly behind Israel in opposing BDS. But speculation is that Ran Paul may cause a break in the Republican ranks. For BDS activists, the hope is that the lies and defamation can continue and maybe lead to the dismantling of the Jewish state over time.

The Israelis know this and recently started a BDS blacklist to keep the most virulent and well-funded activists out of Israel. This was a good start, albeit late. But Israel needs to take the initiative to oppose pro-BDS congressmen in the U.S. with as much fervor as can be mustered.

Anti-BDS activists need to visit every congressman on a regular basis and shown there are no human rights abuses by Israel and that defamation is still defamation. Israel’s future may ultimately depend on this.