Germany: Economic giant, moral dwarf
Germany: Economic giant, moral dwarf

Half of British Jews are thinking about emigrating. A poll recently revealed that they would leave especially quickly if Jeremy Corbyn wins the next elections, that same Corbyn whose "friends" fired 460 missiles on Israel in one day. 

Do not consider it an unrealistic scenario, expecially in the pre-Brexit earthquake. Who would have said in 1933 that a melancholy, failed and incestuous Austrian painter would come to power in Germany, the country of Goethe? So tomorrow in England we could witness the advent of a kind of red swastika. And it would be an existential threat not only for the British Jews, but for all free men and women. 

It is not a coincidence that anti-Semitism shocked the UK, a country that had no ghettos and gas chambers and deportations, in the very moment of its most dramatic political existential crisis. The same goes for Germany, the cultural sick man of Europe. 

Angela Merkel is putting pressure on some European countries, like Romania, to not move their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Perhaps Israel should move its embassy in Germany from Berlin to Bonn, where it was during the Cold War.

The Germans are economic giants and moral dwarfs.

Sigmar Gabriel, the former German Foreign Minister and leader of the Social Democrats in the coalition government with Angela Merkel, has just met Ari Larijani in Tehran, who said that his country (Iran) has "different perspectives on the Holocaust". At the meeting with Gabriel and the German entrepreneurs, also present was Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, director of the Parliament for international affairs and responsible for supporting Palestinian terrorist groups. Like Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Congratulations, hypocrites of German extraction! 

Anti-Semitism is the chloroform of Western conscience. It anesthetizes our morality. It reveals the contemporary Western cultural sickness. 

The powers of the West committed collective suicide during the First World War. At the 1918 Commemoration Parade in Paris, French president Emmanuel Macron invoked a European army in an anti-American train of logic (now it is also discussed in Germany, a country that does not contributed to NATO).

The second act of this collective drama was the Holocaust. We are now in the middle of the "low and dishonest decade" that W.H Auden wrote about. For me it will not be a spectacular implosion. More a slow drift, a gradual decomposition of the society, a comfortable and indifferent decadence. 

Under the weight of radical Islam, but above all of our frightening inconsistency, the West will melt like snow in the sun. Anti-Semitism is a sign of that decay.