An open letter to some oblivious Jewish leaders
An open letter to some oblivious Jewish leaders
For too long, some self-appointed and some elected Jewish leaders have thought that they know - better than anybody else - the correct way of addressing crucial issues related to Jewish identity, Jewish tradition, Jewish national aspirations and Jewish interaction with the secular world.

This group of leaders includes a whole range of individuals from the most progressive to the ultra-orthodox.

Among them you will see those who avoid mentioning the traditional importance of the rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem when officiating at marriages, and you will see those who dol not respect the flag of the state of Israel as a symbol of the recent reestablishment of the free and democratic Jewish state in the Jewish ancestral homeland.
During recent years many Jews have been living in very comfortable neighborhoods among oblivious friends and fans, ignoring a relentless increase in the waves of anti-Semitism and anti self-determination for Jews. They considered the radical right, represented by white Supremacists and the neo-Nazis, and the radical Islamists, represented by Hamas, Hezbollah and the Palestinian Authority, as insignificant marginal groups, or as groups who will tolerate Jews as long as they do not support the Jewish state of Israel.

These Jews were not aware of the fact that the age-old irrational anti-Jewish indoctrination is being forcefully imposed on the oblivious free world, by entities like Iran, Turkey, the Palestinian Authority and their willing accomplices in the media, academia and in various student bodies - for a long time.

The sooner that these people understand that once evil is unleashed, it does not distinguish between friends and foes, the better it will be for the free world. Evil will not distinguish between Jews, Gentile, leftists, socialists, progressives, conservatives or between any other entities, unless they follow its own distorted ideological fantasy. This fact was true for Nazi Germany, for the Soviet Union, for Cuba, for Venezuela, for Iran, for Iraq and for any other radical dictatorships throughout history.
The wave of demonization of the Jews in recent years was unfortunately supported by oblivious Jewish organizations like “J street”, “The New Israel Fund”, “Shovrim Shtika”, “Rabbis for Peace”, “Peace Now” and many others. This trend encouraged organizations like the BDS, many Radical Muslim terror organizations and several white supremacists, to take even bolder steps in order to advance their hateful ideology.  
The current rise in anti-Semitism started a very long time before the Trump presidency, and therefore it is disturbing to read that some irrational Jewish organizations like the “Pittsburgh Bend the Arch Jewish Partnership” had the audacity to publish a letter demonizing President Trump and asking him not to visit Pittsburgh.

We should support our president irrespective of the political party that he or she represents, because his or her success will be our success.   
President Trump is a patriot who is trying to do good for the USA and for the Jewish population. People may have disagreements about the ways to advance their own ideas, but malicious confrontations on a national level will undermine the welfare of all good citizens. We must find ways to communicate and to accommodate well intentioned differences among all of us to the benefit of the common good. We should support our president irrespective of the political party that he or she represents, because his or her success will be our success.   

In-fighting within the Jewish community will not advance the welfare of the Jews. It will only give their enemies motivation to try and attack the divided Jewish community and accelerate its demise. These monsters proved over the centuries that they do not distinguish between religious Jews, secular Jews or even between Jews who would like to totally reject Judaism and any connection to the state of Israel. In their distorted minds any Jew is a legitimate target.
Therefore, we must strive for an overall Jewish unity, we should respect and appreciate responsible political leadership, and we must show our gratitude to the dedicated law enforcement heroes, who protect all good citizens from harm.

A more focused and rational approach to the complex dynamics of our times will bring a better future to Jews and to Gentile alike, and will marginalize the forces of evil, to the benefit of all.

Sharing valuable information about some basic facts, with all your contacts, will go a long way in building a common understanding and a common language among peace-loving individuals.
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