A Dem. Congressional candidate whose entire family links to Hamas
A Dem. Congressional candidate whose entire family links to Hamas

Ammar Campa-Najjar, 28, is the Democrat candidate running for congress in California’s 50th Congressional district in the San Diego and El Cajon area. He is the grandson of one of the masterminds of the Munich terror attack staged in 1972 by the PLO faction Black September. Black September was created back then to launch terror attacks not only against Jews in Israel, but to memorialize a failed PLO overthrow of Jordan’s Hashemite Arab kingdom as well as carry out attacks against the United States and EU.

At the Munich Olympics, the Black September terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes held hostage, even castrating some of them. Later, at the airport, they killed a German policeman. Years later, the Israeli military, under the orders of the late Golda Meir, tracked down and killed the terrorists, all but one, who had been secretly allowed to escape by the German government. Mohammed Yusef al-Najjar, Ammar Campa-Najjar’s grandfather, was one of those terrorists and a ringleader in the Munich attack. This was before the founding of Hamas in 1987. 

The attack's funding was arranged by today's PA chairman, Mahmoud Abbas. Neither Abbas, nor the PLO, and especially not Hamas, have ever renounced terrorism in their charters or activities, while claiming the opposite all the time in public mainstream media.

Hamas, in particular, calls for genocide against all of world Jewry in its charter. Mohammed Yusef al Najjar, Ammar’s grandfather, was among those later assassinated by Israeli commandos in Beirut in 1973 in a raid led by Ehud Barak, who back then was an IDF officer and later became PM of Israel. Ammar’s father, then eleven years old, was almost killed in that raid with his parents, but was spared by the Israeli commandos because he was so young. The orphaned boy emigrated later to the United States where he met his Mexican-American wife, Abigail, and Ammar is their son.

Ammar and his parents later moved back to Gaza and Ammar lived there from age 9 to age 13. By this time Hamas took dictatorial powers over Gaza. In 2005 Israel disengaged from the enclave, forcibly expelling the entire Jewish population back to Israel in a bid for peace. Soon after, through a strong-armed election and later by murderous purges of other competitive factions of the PLO, Hamas came to rule Gaza with an iron fist which it wields to this day. 

Ammar Campo-Najjar says he never met his grandfather and should not be considered a part of Hamas-- or should he? Originally, a low-level appointee to the Obama White House, Ammar rose in Democrat ranks to run for the current congressional seat held by Republican Duncan Hunter, accused of misusing campaign funds for personal use. Hunter has pleaded not guilty, but despite his denials, most media pundits have considered whoever is his Democratic party rival in the upcoming election to be a shoo-in by voters from both parties.

The Democratic Party Central Committee in California has endorsed Ammar Campa-Najjar for the spot after a primary, sidelining Josh Bentner, another Democrat hopeful and former Navy SEAL as the party candidate who came in second and might still run as an independent.

Ammar Campa-Najjar wants to distance himself from his grandfather’s terror attack in the 70’s and portray himself as a peace-loving candidate who does not endorse Hamas terrorism today. Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Ammar has stated, “On Israel Palestinian Peace the final peace deal will be a deal neither side wants, but everyone needs. Ultimately, Israel will have to acknowledge its wrongdoing as a sovereign state and accept the Palestinians’ rights of self-determination, independence and equality. Palestinians will have to renounce violence and fanaticism, acknowledge their Jewish neighbors and accept new realities.”

He also speaks of himself and his family as being victims of “the occupation” today. There is, of course, no occupation, especially in Gaza where no Jews have lived since 2005. In the 'West Bank' over 90% of the land and 95% of the Palestinian Arabs live under the rule of the Palestinian Authority.

Campa-Najjar says he opposes violence and renounces his grandfather’s terrorism from 44 years ago, but as Gazans shoot missiles into Israeli communities, kindergartens, schools, hospital and homes, or tunnel into Israel with terrorists and launch incendiaries into Israel causing innumerable fires every day, Campa-Najjar is silent.

When Campa-Najjar speaks of fighting 'occupation' he is using a Hamas mantra that means fighting all of Israel .Campa-Najjar has said that he publicly distanced himself from his family’s violent past as he gears up for the final months of campaigning for his Congressional bid.

Point of fact, Palestinian Arabs who live in the Palestinian Authority as well as Gaza already have the right of self-determination. Israeli Arab citizens have the same voting rights as Jewish and other Israelis not to mention more civil rights than in any Arab dominated country in the region. Arab-Israelis enjoy full equality with all other Israelis. The Hamas governing Gaza calls for Jewish genocide, the Hamas charter calls for murdering every Jew in the world. The Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas insist no Jews can live in a Palestinian state.

 Arabs already make up about 20% of Israel’s present population. Ammar Campo-Najjar says he is seeking “Palestinian human rights” and “peace,” something that sounds good to an American audience that doesn’t really know what is going on. 

If one wonders how a political novice with no experience managed to defeat and out fundraise an ex-Navy SEAL, a professional politician to win the Democratic nomination in his district, the method becomes clear if one looks at Campo-Najjar’s endorsers and campaign team. Campa-Najjar had the network of the Students for Justice in Palestine on the various southern California-San Diego campuses behind him. His Hispanic mother helps in the heavily populated with Latinos district. Despite no political experience Campa-Najjar managed to raise more campaign funds than his chief Democratic opponent in the primaries, not an easy feat.

Campa-Najjar also managed to use the Palestinian propaganda technique of marshalling a few Jews, who are opposed to a Jewish state. Some Jewish front groups like J Street, also now prominent in the colleges like the Students for Justice in Palestine have also endorsed him. J Street is a front group founded by an Israeli, Jeremy Ben-Ami,and has been funded by George Soros and the Saudis and even Iran. The only employee mentioned on J Street’s first tax documents showed Ben-Ami drawing a salary of $350,000 a year at its start. Now J Street pays “students” to create other chapters on all the campuses. This strategy was organized every year as far back in as 2002 at Palestine Solidarity conferences held at major American universities by the International Solidarity Movement.

Two San Diego area rabbis who praised Campa-Najjar’s personal diplomacy may not know all his background. His claims of victimhood at the hands of Israel and America ring true during his interviews with many millennials who are not well-informed. The bulk of his campaign consists of social justice bromides that would garner support in the poorer areas of San Diego and among mainstream Democratic voters.

One interview of Campa-Najjar reveals a side of him the average voter would not easily learn and illustrates lying by omission: On being interviewed about his candidacy, Campa-Najjar said… “ I didn’t cry when we said goodbye to our San Diego family in 1998 ( and moved back to Hamas dominated Gaza).  I didn’t cry on 9/11 when 19 terrorists claimed 3,000 innocent lives or when I watched a Palestinian boy my age get shot and killed while hiding behind a barrel…” He also praised Yasser Arafat, the father of Palestinian terrorism as a great man.

The Palestinian boy Campa-Najjar is referring to behind the barrel is Muhammed Al-Dura. The shooting of this boy by the IDF was a hoax that was proven to have been organized by a French television station and a Palestinian cameraman and his team. The Palestinians got a lot of mileage off the hoax, especially Hamas and still do where anti-Semitism thrives. They are still using it for the ill- informed.

Is Campa-Najjar really a clandestine Hamas supporter poised to enter the House of Representatives? Or does he really want the best for everyone, even Israel and American Jews and worthy of Democratic funds for his campaign?

First, it’s important to know one of the founding members of Hamas in 1987 was Issa al-Najjar, a patriarch of Ammar Campa-Najjar’s family. Next, There is a military wing of Hamas that is usually behind the missiles fired at Israeli civilian targets every day, officially called the Izz al-Din al Qassem Brigades, a wing that many members of Najjar’s family are affiliated with living in Khan Younis in Gaza.

Below is a page lifted from one of the Izz al-Din al Qassem Brigades websites that lists names of “martyrs” killed by the Israeli army during terrorist attacks such as missiles fired on day care centers, schools and civilian targets. After searching the Najjar family name on the website there are 39 Najjars who were terrorist operatives.They are all dead, and if you click on a name, you see a page that tells their life story, with pictures and videos in some cases.

Most of these occurred during the 2014 war in Gaza named Operation Protective Edge with only a few recent ones from post 2014 added on. The names below are all written in Arabic which American news people and the voting public cannot read. Every one of these names includes the family name Najjar, fellow clan members of Ammar Campa-Najjar k“martyred” during attacks against Israelis. At the top of the page is the emblem for the Izz al-Din al Qassem Brigades to which many Najjar family members belong. A few other family “martyrs” from factions like Palestinian Islamic Jihad are listed, too, but they are all from the Najjar clan.

Americans do not read Arabic, but every name on the list of martyrs is al-Najjar.

These were members of the military wing of Hamas, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades. They are all dead, and if you click on a name, you see a page that tells their life story, with pictures and videos in some cases.

There are at the present, most likely, quite a few Najjars who are “Qasamis” today - the term “qasami” comes from al-Qassam Brigades, it’s a term of endearment for terrorists who launch rockets at Israel and engage in other terrorism even through the weapons tunnels and ambushes of Israeli security forces.

The death in November from natural causes of 84-year-old Sheikh Mohammed Abed Khattab Al Najjar in Khan Younis inspired many tributes, not only in Gaza but in several Arab states where the Muslim Brotherhood is active. All of Gaza’s Hamas leaders took part in his funeral, and de facto Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh himself carried Al Najjar’s body. “I never met with him in person,” said exiled Hamas political leader Khaled Meshal in a phone call from Damascus during the sheikh’s Nov. 13 memorial service, “but his autobiography brought him close to our heart.”

Meshal described Sheikh Al Najjar as being as significant as Imam Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Hamas emerged, and Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, with whom Al Najjar worked closely.

Fatima Omar Majoud Al-Najjar (below).

She was a Hamas suicide bomber described variously as fifty-seven, sixty-four, or seventy-five. At any rate, she exploded herself on November 23, 2006. The Palestinians claimed she killed many Israeli soldiers, but in reality she slightly wounded two. It says a lot about the IDF that even though they knew from her behavior that she was a suicide bomber, they used a stun grenade on her instead of a machine gun.

Images below and found at https://www.alqassam.net/arabic/martyrs/details/2589

The martyr al - Qasami / Atta Mohammed Atta al - Najjar

Believe it and the paradise is gone


For the martyr Alqasami / Bilal Ahmed Salim Najjar

Heroes of advanced ambushes

Website address for the information below:: https://www.alqassam.net/arabic/martyrs/details/2589

The martyr al - Qasami / Atta Mohammed Atta al – Najjar, he was named after Mohammad Atta who led that attacks on 9/11.


The martyr al - Qasami / Rashad Ahmed Rashad al - Najjar

 Rashad good and redemption


By Mohamed Maher Mohamed El Naggar

One of the heroes of Khuza'a battle


The martyr al - Qasami / Ammar Ibrahim Abdul Aziz al - Najjar

Tired of the occupier


The martyr al - Qasami / Imad Rasmi Suleiman al - Najjar

Named after the heroic martyr Emad Aql


The martyr al - Qasami / Muslim Shawki Muslim Najjar

The border is made to lead battalions


The martyr al - Qasami / Hassan Khaled Ibrahim al - Najjar

O Mujahideen and a martyr


The martyr al - Qasami / Hossam Mohamed Farah al - Najjar


Martyr al - Qasami / Abdullah Fawzi Ibrahim Al - Najjar

The sky pleaded with his coming


The martyr al - Qasami / Mohammed Zaki Hassan al - Najjar

The maker of the smile of his brother Mujahideen


The martyr of the field commander / Tayseer Mohammad Ayesh al-Najjar "Al-Ward"

Exalted martyrdom


The martyr al - Qasami / Essam Mohammed Atta al - Najjar

He was eligible to be elected


Martyr al-Qasami / Wasfi Mohammed Khalil al-Najjar

Assassin until the last trick


The martyr al - Qasami / Jihad Ibrahim Hassan Najjar

Lover of Venice and Jihad


Martyr Al - Qasami / Mohammed Rasmi Salem Al - Najjar

His silence and jihad “call"


Martyr Mujahid: Mohammed Samir Najjar

Date of Birth: Wednesday 30 November-0001

Marital status: Married

Governorate: Khan Younis

Date of Citation: Friday 25 July 2014




The al-Najjar family has a long history of involvement with terrorism.

The Democratic Central Congressional Committee is discussing Ammar Campa-Najjars campaign being funded by them, but no doubt they have not seen these screenshots. It must be considered that should Campa-Najjar win election to the House of Representatives he will have access to National Security information of Hamas which is a designated terrorist entity per the U.S. State Department.

He won the primary but the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee saw none of the information in this article and Campa-Najjar is promoting Hamas propaganda in his campaign.

The Democratic Party needs to rethink his candidacy.