The New Israel Fund is actively involved in political campaigning
The New Israel Fund is actively involved in political campaigning

The connection between the New Israel Fund and the Free Cities Organization is openly evident on the web.

The New Israel Fund (NIF) openly supports a boycott against Israel, and has long engaged in a wide variety of activities which harm the State of Israel.  The organization, a U.S. based non-profit funds a wide variety of activities --- but now they have crossed the line and are openly engaging in political campaigning, which is in clear violation of the US tax code for charitable organizations.

As such, we have filed a complaint with the IRS demanding that the NIF’s tax-exempt status be revoked.

Shatil, according to their website is “the operative arm” of the NIF, and operates  "Free Cities" and all the organizations that operate under it. Among these organizations are "Free Ramat Hasharon," "Free Givatayim," and "Free Petach Tikvah."

Free those cities from what? From want, from educational problems, crime, for example? Not at all. The organization is involved in one of the hottest political issues in Israel today, religion and government in the Jewish state, especially controversial as local October elections approach. In fact, the banner at the top of their website proclaims a campaign slogan in Hebrew:


(meaning free of any limitations due to Jewish law, such as municipal laws closing stores on the Sabbath, teaching Jewish heritage in schools etc.).  

And on the website of "Free Cities," whose goal is to unite a number of groups and organizations as well as turn to  individuals to fight against what the anti-religious in Israel call "religionization" it is important to note that:

On the bottom-left of the page, Shatil's logo along with the New Israel Fund's logo, is prominently displayed

"Free Cities'" website,, is hosted on the domain of Shatil, which belongs to the New Israel Fund

Hence, there can be no question of political campaigning and involvement.  

The New Israel Fund is actively involved n political activity.