Don’t blame Ocasio-Cortez – blame her schooling
Don’t blame Ocasio-Cortez – blame her schooling

Every time she appears on television she comes across dumber and dumber. The Left’s new IT Girl, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez can’t seem to get it straight on anything.

We should not be amazed that this newly hatched Socialist Democrat is so clueless about the economy and international relations…namely, at the moment, the Palestinian-Arab/Israeli conflict. On the economy, she’s prepared to give everything away for free – healthcare and education gratis for all, with no mention from where the money is coming.

On the Middle East, she’s prepared to hand over territory that was Jewish since time immemorial. In her lopsided view, the land belongs to the “Palestinians.”

That’s her story and she is sticking to it – though not fully. On PBS’S “Firing Line,” she admitted that she is “not the expert” on the topic.

On what topic is she the expert? Nothing much, apparently, yet she will be sitting pretty in the next Congress after her surprising defeat over a veteran incumbent.

First she came for a man named Crowley and now they are all coming, freshly minted, to run our world entirely. There are plenty more where she came from.

She came from Boston University. No knock on that fine college. Just seems that these days our schools of higher learning are high on diversity and low on a well-rounded education. Dead white males – the classics – don’t stand a chance against sending out a generation hip to political activism.

Get them while they’re young. Brainwash them and bamboozle them while they are still fresh-faced, runs the motto from the Left.

Hence yes to Cornel West and Noam Chomsky and no to Shakespeare and Maimonides.

Says she earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations. Really? That’s news to her, and to anyone paying attention.

Are they taking over our world knowing ANYTHING?
Here’s the tip-off for anyone wondering what’s coming our way—again.

We read that for some time she worked as a “community organizer.” Oy vey.

Didn’t we have one of those already? Yes indeed, Barak Hussein Obama. He remains her thrill on blueberry hill and Bernie Sanders’ communism is her notion of utopia.

She is a card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Stalin ran under a similar title. His economic programs starved millions to death.

Or didn’t they teach that in school? Or maybe she missed the class, so busy community organizing.

So far as this citizen is concerned, it’s not about Ocasio Cortez. It’s about the leftist pabulum being fed to our young campus to campus.

Are they taking over our world knowing ANYTHING?

Here are some of the lyrics to a Sam Cooke ditty that was popular in the 1960s -- “Don't know much about history…Don’t know much biology…Don’t know much about a science book…Don’t know much about the French I took…But I do know that I love you…And I know that if you love me, too…What a wonderful world it would be…”

Wonderful – huh?

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