How one woman works against anti-Semitism in Durham, N.C.
How one woman works against anti-Semitism in Durham, N.C.

Sloan Rachmuth is a petite mother of two young children and runs a Pilates Studio in Raleigh-Durham North Carolina. Sloan is also Jewish and has been growing more and more aware of attacks on Jews and Israel in her backyard that are being tied to other radical political causes.

She was recently embroiled in litigation - defending her family against her children’s Jewish Day School that was teaching anti-Israel propaganda after the school was infiltrated by radicals seeking to promote the Boycott Israel movement (BDS). 

Most notably, she sees an anti-Israel front group, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) - a group the Anti-Defamation League considers one of the most anti-Semitic groups in the US - teaming up with radicals from Black Lives Matter to control the political discourse in Durham. She watched as JVP took over the Durham City Council to promote boycotting Israel through city government policies - this after North Carolina passed a state-wide anti-boycott law.

Black Lives Matter has teamed up with the pro-Palestinian BDS movement in the U.S.  to try to subvert and attack American police departments as  ”human rights abusers.” Their goal is to generate attacks from the black community on police and to undermine homeland security in the U.S. -  all the while attacking the Jewish state by suggesting it should be shunned.

Durham, North Carolina is now a rallying point for this latest putsch, and the election for sheriff is dominated by radicals seeking control of local policing after they managed to infiltrate operatives into local government through the city council. This is also being done into Jewish Federations and synagogues.  Attacking ICE and immigration enforcement is also part of this plan that relies on a built-in  audience of “victims” allegedly discriminated against due to their “race,” a tactic Black Lives Matter and radical anti-U.S. groups frequently use. Race baiting to promote their control is the method of choice.

“Part of their plan,”  Sloan says, “is to take over local police departments across our nation by political means, then have them boycott Israel and claim that police anti-terrorism training they receive in Israel is meant to teach American police how to murder black people. They get further support from some in the Jewish community. “ Because of this, she has become the campaign manager - unpaid - for the only county Sheriff candidate with the courage to oppose the current Democratic candidate for Sheriff, who is lined up and running with the help of radical, anti-US. and anti-Semitic groups like Black Lives Matter and Jewish Voice for Peace.

Tactics: propaganda to suggest the Palestinian Arabs can take Israel away from the Jews does not sell nearly as well as constantly screaming falsehoods on rights violations by Israel and false accusations of anti-black racism by “the Jews.”                                                                         
“Such radical groups are seeking to take over all local government to negate higher state and federal laws against BDS that are on the rise. Durham’s local police have never trained with Israel’s police and had no plans to do so. The entire police issue was a straw man set up by radicals to promote anti-Semitism and boycotting Israel for a radical special interest group.” 

This current campaign for Sheriff pits Major Paul Martin, running as an Independent, against Clarence Birkhead as the Democratic candidate for the office facing no Republican challenger. Jewish Voice for Peace and Black Lives Matter radicals ran an intense campaign to force the current Sheriff to lose support from the Democratic community in the Democratic primary, as was done in taking over the leadership of the Durham City Council.

Calls of “Durham2Palestine” are being shouted as part of an orchestrated campaign strategy that goes back to 2004 when Duke University held its first Palestine Solidarity Conference on campus to promote boycotting Israel. At that conference, seminars were held to discuss the use of “intersectionality,” as a means of bolstering the BDS movement and to swell its numbers at demonstrations. Radicals and Communists from The International Socialist Organization and International ANSWER were trained how to link their movement to the goals of Hamas, PLO, and the PFLP, thereby to persuade people that the movement to destroy Israel is a human rights campaign deserving of their support.

Black Lives Matter and Jewish Voice for Peace have answered the call in Durham, and the leader of this movement is a professor at Duke University named Rann Bar-On, an active anarchist leader in Israel before coming to Durham to organize. Bar-On is not a US citizen and is currently facing deportation for striking a Durham police officer with a flagpole during a protest against the U.S. government and Israel. Bar-On also leads Birkhead's campaign.  He was as virulently anti-Israel back in the Jewish state as he is against the U.S. in his politics over here.

Recent news has been replete with tales of rioting in American cities against local police departments, in Ferguson. Missouri; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Berkeley, California as well as in Durham, North Carolina.  Some of these fringe rioters falsely accuse police of murdering black Americans while being a tool for the Israeli government to kill blacks in Israel. At the forefront of these efforts have been anti-Israel boycott groups that try to sow discord between the Jewish and black communities in the U.S. The Sheriff campaign in Durham is a harbinger of things to come.

The US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, a “charity” set up to support goals of terror organizations Hamas and the Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), recently changed its name to The Campaign for Palestinian Rights. The name change came about because propaganda to suggest the Palestinian Arabs can take Israel away from the Jews does not sell nearly as well as constantly screaming falsehoods about human rights violations against Palestinian Arabs by Israel and false accusations of anti-black racism by “the Jews.”                                                                         

The infamous riots against the Ferguson police department following the killing of Michael Brown, who attacked a Ferguson police officer, were organized by Black Lives Matter and called to arms by this Palestinian “human rights” campaign. The Ferguson police department during those riots actually arrested and jailed a BDS operative named Jeff Pickert under his alias Max Suchan, when he was caught inciting the riots.

Black rioters could be seen and were repeatedly photographed with T-Shirts that linked “Palestine” to alleged racist abuses in Ferguson. Ferguson2Palestine became a rallying cry for the rioting, and now Durham2Palestine is slated, with other cities to follow if Democratic candidate Birkhead's campaign is successful.

Durham had never used Israeli police training for its police department and had no such plans when the City Council began a campaign to boycott Israel. Birkhead's surrogates have voiced support for the goals of the terrorist organization Hamas and seek to expand such support throughout the U.S. should their campaign succeed. Sloan Rachmuth sees it as her mission to stop this for the sake of her community.