This Shabbat is the Lubavitcher Rebbe's 24th yahrzeit
This Shabbat is the Lubavitcher Rebbe's 24th yahrzeit

Dear Friend,

This Shabbat, June 15-16, 2018, marks the 24th anniversary of the passing of the Rebbe—Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory. On the anniversary of a righteous person’s passing, all the light that he planted in this world—his teachings, good deeds, and everything in which he invested his life and being—all shine brightly, so that anyone connected to him can receive blessings of life, wisdom and happiness.

How should we spend such a day? How do we make that connection?

The answer is to rededicate ourselves to the Rebbe's vision. Let us honor the Rebbe’s life's mission to bring goodness and kindness into this world. Let's do one more mitzvah, one more good deed, to make this world a better place. Let’s increase in learning and prayer. (See below for suggestions.)

The blessings and connection in our own lives will certainly follow suit.

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Here are six simple suggestions:


Best connections are mind-to-mind. Make some of those by visiting our special collection of essaysvideos and teachings—and plug your mind into the Rebbe’s ideas. (Since the Rebbe’s yahrtzeit is on Shabbat this year, be sure to print out any study materials beforehand, and make use of all other electronic means only before and after Shabbat.)




Make the light real. Increase in prayer and Psalms throughout the 24 hours (including attending your local synagogue, if possible). Before lighting the Shabbat candles this Friday night, light an additional 24-hour “soul candle” in your home.


Partner with one or more Torah causes to perpetuate his vision, either at home, in Israel, or abroad, by making a donation on Friday, before Shabbat, or on Sunday.


Check out the Ten-Point Mitzvah Campaign that the Rebbe initiated. See how you can expand your involvement in any of those mitzvahs. Encourage others to do the same. The Rebbe would often teach that one mitzvah can transform the entire world.


On Friday or Sunday write a letter to be placed at the Rebbe’s resting place. Mention the resolutions you made today, and the positive influence you’ve had on others. Ask that the gates of heaven be opened—for you, for your family and for your friends at this special time.

Spread the Word

Make a time to sit with your family and talk about the Rebbe’s love for every individual, his urging of each of us to increase (and to encourage others to increase!) in goodness and kindness, and the mission he gave each one of us to prepare this world for the times of Moshiach.