Nations are not airport lounges
Nations are not airport lounges

Similarity is the basis of unity. A nation that is not united by history, race or religion is merely an amalgam of groups vying for limited resources. These resources will be secured by groups with social and cultural capital. Groups with less social and economic capital lag. Envy and resentment invariably follow.

America is a country founded on the ideals of freedom. The belief that hard work, fair play, and rugged individualism make success possible is the mainstay of traditional American values. Yet multicultural states are inevitably unequal. This inequality is attributed by liberals to racism and discrimination.

Charges of racism and discrimination justify more welfare spending, "positive discrimination" initiatives and higher taxes to cover inter-ethnic subsidies. These taxes curtail freedom, reduce overall prosperity and fan further resentment.

History is not kind to societies that are united only when all goes well.
Much has been written and said in the mainstream media about the white racism that allegedly handed Trump the presidency. Almost nothing has been said about the fact that this charge was preceded by almost five decades of liberals fanning the resentment of minorities against white America.

That America owed its place as a free and prosperous nation during over three centuries to WASP values was forgotten. That after the 1950s America might have been wiser to heal the white-black rift and consolidate its identity rather than diluting it via multicultural immigration is rarely considered. That the ideals upon which America was founded are undermined by cultural and ethnic atomization is a taboo.

Yet history is not kind to societies that are united only when all goes well. The fact contemporary America is so divided and disoriented in the midst of unprecedented peace and prosperity is the indirect result of multiculturalism eroding America's identity.

That is the reason Israel, China, Japan and Eastern Europe are smart not to sacrifice their hard-won national identities on the altar of globalization and multiculturalism. Nations are not airport lounges.