Trump puts the Korean horse ahead of the Iranian cart
Trump puts the Korean horse ahead of the Iranian cart

The pundits don’t stop yammering and carping on every step President Trump takes to solve the greatest threats the world has ever seen: The joint North Korean/Iranian development of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles systems to deliver them. 

But, despite 24 years of what any objective observer would see as the abject systemic failure of 3 different US administrations to solve the Korean/Iranian nuclear file, the media does nothing but act like 24 years of failures have been successful. Their experts appear to fatuously opine Trump should continue with the same appeasement idiocy three different US administrations have applied to the Iran/North Nuclear nuclear problem.

Instead, Trump has hewed to a 2-step common sense approach. First, divide and conquer. Second, isolate the real nuclear emergency priority: North Korea. In effect, Trump is ingeniously putting the North Korean nuclear “horse” in front of the Iranian nuclear “cart,” and thus Trump stands to use common sense to successfully solve both the North Korea and Iranian nuclear problems.

North Korea is the “horse” or the first to be focused on because North Korea actually already has the nuclear bomb, and Iran relies on North Korea’s technical nuclear expertise to develop its own. 
Why is the North Korean nuclear file the “horse,” and not the “cart”?  North Korea is the “horse” or the first to be focused on because North Korea actually already has the nuclear bomb, and Iran relies on North Korea’s technical nuclear expertise to develop its own.  So, if President Trump can turn North Korea, he has at best, paralyzed, and at worst, dramatically slowed Iran’s progress and pathway to an actual functional nuclear weapon.

Obama did the exact opposite and put the Iranian nuclear “cart” before the North Korean nuclear “horse.”  So, instead of stopping the nuclear technology at its source, Obama infused Iran with hundreds of billions of dollars for Iran to actually pay North Korea for a nuclear bomb. Instead of stopping both Iran and North Korea from attaining Nuclear weapons, Obama appears to have done everything to enable both rogue terrorist nations to attain nuclear weapons.  What’s worse, Obama set the catastrophically bad example of bombing Mummar Qaddafi out of power where even though the Libyan dictator had volunteered to give up his nuclear weapons.

Not only did Obama set a horrible example in Libya,  he also inflated North Korea’s conventional expectations of a nuclear windfall by appeasing Iran with complete conventional hegemony over Syria and the entire Arab world as a “carrot” for agreeing to Obama nuclear “deal” (never signed by Iran to begin with.)

Trump, in contrast, applied the “stick” to North Korea’s greatest weakness -  its economy - with incredibly effective sanctions. And, at the same time, he offered a “carrot” to North Korea’s leader with an economic deal he couldn’t refuse that vastly outstripped Iran’s ability to pay North Korea for its nuclear bomb.

In short, Trump has dramatically outbid Iran for North Korea’s nuclear tech by many, many billions of dollars. How?  Well, you have to look at the real organic numbers. North Korea has 25 million people who are starving.  South Korea has 50 million people who are the Asian success story. But the real numbers are that North Korea has a 2016 Gross Domestic Product of about 14 Billion dollars, and South Korea has a 2016 GDP of about 1.4 Trillion dollars..

Even adjusting for the size population, South Korea’s GDP is 50 times the size of North Korea. These are two places where the people are the same and the resources are roughly the same. In fact, North Korea might even have better natural resources and water resources.

Trump's offering North Korea economic integration with the free world, means that Kim Jun-Un stands to become one of the world’s richest man who can actually spend his money and go to a LA Laker basketball game with Dennis Rodman in Los Angeles in a chauffeured Rolls. The keys will be guaranteeing Kim and his family rights to land and resources in North Korea that can’t be taken away, and amnesty for Kim past crimes.  Given he was the North’s leader for a relatively short time, the amnesty will likely not be a real barrier.  And, given the immense wealth Kim would possess and possible sovereign immunity, any lawsuits against will likely be few in number, and settled rather quickly.

Therefore, in effect, when Trump decides on solving the North Korean nuclear file first, he kills two nuclear problems with one deal.  Without North Korea, Iran will face impossible hurdles to build a safe nuclear bomb.  And, Trump will have likely “flipped” North Korea against Iran, and will likely reap a huge intelligence windfall from North Korean Intelligence detailing all of Iran’s nuclear skeletons and JCPOA violations.

President Trump is possibly on his way to solving the world’s greatest nuclear threat - the very same one that bevies of Washington “experts”  appeased into a terrible nuclear crisis.