The conflict beyond advocacy
The conflict beyond advocacy
Who would have believed that within certain communities, there could be more supporters of the radical Arab Palestinian agenda than supporters of the free, democratic and altruistic State of Israel. The relentless Arab Palestinian deceitful and well-organized propaganda, with the irrational support of many in the Western Media, may be a part of this transition.

The Democratic Party in the USA used to be a staunch supporter of the just cause of the State of Israel, but a recent Pew Research Center report showed a dangerous shift in this attitude. Within the more radical liberal branch of the Democratic party, about 38% will be anti-Israeli while the supporters of Israel will be only about 26%. When you look at the overall numbers as they relate to the Democratic party, you find that about 31% will be anti-Israeli and only 33% will be pro-Israel. On the other hand, within the Republican party, about 74% will be pro-Israel. 

If one wants to know what the intentions of the Radical Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran are, one should just listen to them. They are not bashful.
Despite an absolute bipartisan support for moving the USA Embassy to the legitimate Capital City of Israel, Jerusalem, there were no Democratic members of Congress in attendance at the opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Even more surprisingly, Chuck Schumer, who voted in Congress against the Iran Deal, criticized President Trump bitterly for exposing the bad intentions and the lies of the Iranians, and for withdrawing from the originally ill-conceived Iranian Deal, implemented by President Obama via an executive order, without the ratification by Congress.
If one wants to know what the intentions of the Radical Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran are, one should just listen to them. They are not bashful, they will tell you that they are going to “play” the Mainstream Media and the Alternative Media, to carry their vicious propaganda. They are maligning the State of Israel, the USA and the Moderate Western Societies, while they promise to carry out their agenda to destroy the State of Israel within any borders, kill the Jews wherever they can find them, take over the free world as we know it and destroy all Infidels. 
A new report just came out, in addition to many others which came out in the past, about the rampant misuse of the millions of dollars of funds given to UNRWA. Instead of educating the Palestinian children and giving them the tools to become useful citizens of society, much of the funds are invested in perpetuating the misery and the conflict which will guarantee the extension of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the hatred of the West, for generations to come.
The following is shocking:

New Video Exposes Terror Education in UNRWA schools in Gaza Funded by the USA & World Donors:  

For some mysterious reason, many in the Media are ignoring the abuse of children, women and the disabled as human shields by the Arab Palestinian perpetrators of the mayhem on the Gaza Border. They will not mention the use by the Arab Palestinians, of Molotov Cocktails, fire bombs, fire arms, fire kites, stones, knives, etc. which were used to assault the Israeli civilians and military. The fact that Israel unilaterally left Gaza hoping for a peaceful resolution of the conflict and the fact that Israel offered multiple times to get into practical negotiations toward a peaceful resolution of the conflict, were totally ignored. 
The wishful thinking by some, that should the Radical Arab Palestinians prevail and the state of Israel be eliminated, the free world will be a better place, borders on insanity. Do we have to remind the free press, for example, what happens to journalists under Hamas in Gaza, under ISIS in Iraq, under Assad in Syria, under Erdogan in Turkey and under Chavez in Venezuela?  Do we have to remind the “open minded” people that thousands of innocent people died when the Twin Towers were destroyed in New York City, one of the most liberal locations in the USA? 
The dangerous lack of relevant and truthful education of the masses, allows the perpetrators of malicious propaganda to achieve their goals. Many good people do not realize that they are being used and abused to the benefit of self-serving malicious, smooth talking, operatives. These operatives are experts in using the key undeniable appealing words, like: peace, justice, equality, tolerance, legality, human rights and freedom. At the same time, they will abuse the universally objectionable words like: apartheid, oppression, illegal occupation, torture and abuse, even if the true facts will not support the allegations. For them, Delegitimization, Demonization and Double Standards are acceptable means that can be used and abused to undermine the legitimacy of the State of Israel and that of many others in the free world.  
No wonder that the free world is losing the propaganda war!! The bad people will not feed their children but will put most of their internationally acquired resources, into their anti-Western ideology.
People who know the truth and the facts before being exposed to the Arab Palestinian propaganda machine, are less likely to fall into their dangerous trap. 
It is high time for the free world to wake up and put on a serious fight for a better future for all.
We could start by looking into the following resources: 
A few very informative short and factual booklets, addressing these issues, can be found on the web site of StandWithUs at:
Some wise general information can be found at:
Valuable films and reports with insight into little known dynamics, can be found at:
Once we are better educated, we could do the following:
1. Expose the bad people for what they are.
2. Expose who is financing them, and what is their real agenda.
3. Shame their use of malicious propaganda by widely exposing their blatant lies and deception.
4. Educate the next generation with the facts and the truth.
5. Share the truth and the facts with all your contacts and advise them to become ambassadors for a good cause, by sharing what they learned from you, with as many people as they can.
6. Find ways to increase the exposure of the good information on the Mainstream Media and on the Alternative Media, and help make them go viral.
7. Find out where you can be even more effective and use it to enhance your message.
May we merit to see better days for the free world, speedily in our times.