Europe has chosen disgrace
Europe has chosen disgrace

The honor of the West is once again being saved by America. Europe, the vapid and childish Venus, has chosen disgrace.

Europe wanted to open the Iranian market. It has no interest in Israel. Indeed, I will say more: in their intimate thoughts, in their “mental deal”, most Europeans think that Israel, the country most at risk from a nuclearized Iran, is a burden, and that the Middle East would be more peaceful without a Jewish State.

The day after the US left the nuclear agreement with Iran, trying to build a Western alliance to stop Iranian expansionism, French President Macron called Iranian President Rouhani on the phone with the aim of “continuing to implement the nuclear agreement and to maintain regional stability”.

Once again, the French betrayal of Israel is immense and there is no shortage of examples:

-in 1967, when De Gaulle made the pro-Arab choice and applied an embargo to Israel:

-during the Intifada, when the Israelis were slaughtered on buses and the French ambassador in London Daniel Bernard called Israel “that little country of s....t”;

-with Saddam Hussein, when France ran to sell him missiles and nuclear technology;

-with Arafat, treated like a king by Mitterrand and who died in Paris:

-with Valéry Giscard d'Estaing who granted asylum to Khomeini in Paris;

-with the Jews killed in the French suburbs and the French authorities unable to protect them.

In case of war with Iran, what will Europe do? Will it stand against America and Israel and in favor of appeasement? At this time, it seems just so. The foreign ministers of France, Great Britain and Germany will meet the Iranians next week.

How far can Europe still fall? This Europe of pacifist freeloaders who owe their security to the United States. At the end of the Cold War, the Europeans contributed one third to the expenses of NATO. Today only 20 percent. General Joseph Ralston, former supreme commander of Born for Europe, defined the European armies as “fat, obsolete and redundant”. Perhaps the Europeans are only able to come to terms with the

Do you want to know why? British exports to Iran rose to 1.1 billion a year, an increase of 168 percent...
Islamist regimes.

Europe would also sell its own mother to sell some more toasters and pots on the market. For several days there have been statements by politicians and European bureaucrats in defense of the atomic agreement with Iran, from Federica Mogherini to the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to the French one, Jean Yves Ledrien.

Do you want to know why? British exports to Iran rose to 1.1 billion a year, an increase of 168 percent. French exports exceeded 1.8 billion, an increase of 85 percent, while Germany did even better with 2.6 billion, an increase of 77 percent. They are selling off dignity, security, justice, honor. The atomic agreement is bad for the Iranian people, it is bad for Europe, it is bad for the Middle East, it is bad for Israel.

Four months ago, Iran killed dozens of its citizens and arrested thousands of people, including many girls who had taken off their veils. Why do these crazy Europeans want a deal with these assassins? There is a better solution to the agreement with Iran: heavy sanctions and military threat.

And in ten years, or sooner, Iran might end up like the Soviet Union. But if this continues, perhaps Europe will fall first. It takes a stomach to fight politically and militarily. America and Israel have it. Europe has a soft belly.