Why don't the Palestinians march on Iran, Syria, Egypt and Jordan?
Why don't the Palestinians march on Iran, Syria, Egypt and Jordan?

Imagine if Hamas brought those 30,000 people, armed militiamen, families and children to march near the Syrian border. Bashar el Assad would have ordered an Alawite battalion to shoot into the crowd. There would have been 200 deaths. Then, to dissuade them from doing it again, he would have thrown two barrel bombs at them. Another 80 dead. Then, if the Palestinians had resisted, the Syrians would have thrown two sarin gas tanks at them. Dozens of deaths and hundreds of (real) injuries. The survivors would have been evacuated by bus.

In Syria, 23 Palestinians were really killed in March alone, for a total of 3,685 Palestinian Arabs who died since the start of the civil war in Syria seven years ago, including 467 women - and the world doesn't give a damn. I see no pacifists, journalists, politicians, flotillas, UN bureaucrats and intellectuals in Yarmouk, one of the largest Palestinian refugee camps near Damascus.

Where is the famous Palestinian solidarity? Where is BDS? Where are the Hamas leaders? Where are the famous media that make public opinion? They are all in Gaza, because there is Israel to execrate, to crucify, to condemn. A hypocrisy bathed in the blood of so many innocents, and they want to wash the blood of Palestinian terrorists with that of the Israelis. Perversity incarnate!

Imagine if Hamas had brought those 30,000 to the Iranian border. The ayatollahs would have sent them the Basiji, the Shiite militia. To shoot on the crowd, to make mass arrests, to torture them in Evin prison, to make desaparecidos. Let's think about what the Iranians did when their women tried to take off the veil on the street or their poor marched for bread. They did it to their own citizens.

Imagine if Hamas had brought those 30,000 against the Erdogan in Turkey. Ask the Kurds - they know what would have happened to the

Palestinians. And if Hamas had brought those 30,000 against the Egyptian border, would Al-Sisi have used white gloves?

Do we ever hear of Palestinian Arab marches in Jordan, where they make up the vast majority of the population? No? Because they remember what King Hussein did to them in 1972: 3,400 Palestinians killed in cold blood.

The truth is that Israel, in a Middle East founded on abomination, state terror and violence, constitutes the closest thing to Amnesty International, with rules of engagement that many Western countries dream of and that fulfill many Western principles in a barbaric environment. The Palestinian Arabs and the international community know that and they play with Israel's right to exist.