Cool-hand Trump vs war-hawk Dems
Cool-hand Trump vs war-hawk Dems

From the looks of it, Trump is the only cool hand in a roomful of hotheads; namely Democrats for whom a Cold War is good, but a Hot War would be better.

These are the same Liberals who need Safe Spaces and teddy bears if an opinion displeases them but appear quite willing to exchange missiles with Russia…and if Trump wants to prove to them, to people like Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), that he never did collude with Russia – all he has to do is start blasting away.

Nothing less will do, as we see from the recent op-ed that ran in The New York Times with the headline – “Finally, Trump has something bad to say about Russia.”

This is true. Trump has been a reluctant accuser against Putin. Maybe that is so because Trump gets it – he understands that a war of words can lead to a war of arms. So perhaps, he figures, it is wiser to speak softly, otherwise hard feelings or misunderstandings can blunder the world into World Wars III.

One thing can lead to another.  

Most wars start that way…one side says this…the other side says that…someone feels insulted…they stop talking…and start shooting.

Trump knows that Russia has an estimated 4,000 nuclear warheads poised at us, same as us on them. Someone needs to pass the word to those trigger-happy Liberals.

Democrats can afford to play with matches because the death and life decisions fall on the President of the United States. (Maybe that’s why Theresa May is so brave.)
The Cuban Missile Crisis should have taught us how close it can come to REALLY HAPPENING.

Democrats can afford to play with matches because the death and life decisions fall on the President of the United States. (Maybe that’s why Theresa May is so brave.)

War hawks now, they’ll know where to hide and “run farther when the fast bullets fly” (from Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War.”)

So they want more…more and more tough talk from Trump against Putin. They also want tough action, damn the consequences.

So indeed, over the past weeks, Trump has sanctioned Russia on two counts – on alleged Cyberspace tampering and election meddling.

Is that enough? No way.

“Why is Trump so soft on Russia?” asks UK’s The Guardian, echoing a refrain we hear nearly every day throughout the media.

How about this for a reason? “Keep your enemies closer.”

But, say those saber-rattling Liberals, Trump likes Putin, who on Monday won re-election to a fourth term.

Yes he does, indeed he does, but never for a moment is he fooled by Putin’s treacheries. Trump admires any man who is “strong for the family.”

That line – from “The Godfather” – we won’t even try to explain to anyone who doesn’t get it right away.

Hot-heads like Rep. Schiff invented “collusion” for Trump’s winning the election and since then everything is collusion.

Whatever Trump says or does not say about Russia…they holler, aha, collusion.  

Trump gets no credit for his cool composure; only blame for keeping hands-off and a level head when so many around him are itching for a fight.

(Readers of the novel “News Anchor Sweetheart” know what happens to journalists like Megyn Kelly when they push Trump too hard and too far.)

These Democrats – will only all-out war satisfy them?

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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