Gun control? How about Imam control?
Gun control? How about Imam control?

What happens in the mosque does not stay in the mosque.

So don’t be amazed if you learn that the Parkland, Florida, high school murderer was influenced by messages coming from any number of imams throughout the United States.

He didn’t do it on his own…and even if he did…the word is out…in America...kill Jews.

Paul Sperry at the New York Post tells how radical USA imams are given license to incite. Listen to Sperry’s opening paragraph –

“Muslim clerics are threatening the lives of Jews from the pulpits of American mosques, and they are doing it with virtual impunity, say former US law-enforcement officials who worry that the rhetoric could lead to violent attacks.”

They were murdered because they were Jewish; according to the (alleged) murderer himself.
Sure enough, a violent attack followed, 17 murdered, such precious lives; four of them glorious Jewish kids, plus hero Jewish teacher Scott Beigel.

They were murdered because they were Jewish; according to the (alleged) murderer himself.

If you say the imams had nothing to do with that, I say it’s the culture, stupid. Mega-hatred coming from megaphones at mega-mosques poison the entire atmosphere.

Meantime as the world frets about Islamophobia – it’s the Jews who are getting killed.

About that, Sperry goes on to say this:

“Jewish people already are disproportionately targeted for hate crimes in America, but recent sermons could fan the flames of anti-Semitism.”

Followed by this – “In November, the FBI released new data showing there were more Jewish victims of anti-religious hate crimes in 2016 (the last reported year) than victims of all other religious groups COMBINED.” To be exact, 307 against Muslims, 684 against Jews, yet CNNchose to run as its headline the “19 percent increase against Muslims.”

Typical. Forget the Jews.

So it remains a free ride for Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan to say what he wants, where, in his rallies before cheering throngs, even his cadence is taken from Joseph Goebbels.

Neither Obama nor Congresswoman Maxine Waters are ashamed to be seen with him.

No consequences? Indeed, all that with “virtual impunity,” writes Paul Sperry.  

Yet to speak honestly about Islam remains taboo. Voice your fears and you will be denounced. Say anything in print and you will be scrubbed.

I know the price when in the thriller “The Bathsheba Deadline” I wrote, “First the sermons, and then people strap themselves with explosives to murder a classroom full of children.”

That was moments after 9/11 when school shootings were still scarce, and so were Muslims in America.

Most are fine, but who’s to retail the good ones against those that keep coming in wholesale? Yes we will always have homegrown Jew-haters, but do we need to import them?

President Trump wants limits. For Canada’s Justin Trudeau, it’s the more, the merrier.

But one courageous broadcaster for Sun News TV reveals how at one particular mosque near Toronto, children are being taught how to act out beheadings.

That is something to see to be believed…and what happens in Canada does not stay in Canada, either.

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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