How Trump has made Israel's leftist generals look like rank fools
How Trump has made Israel's leftist generals look like rank fools

They talk in their thick Israeli self-assured accents, and are introduced to American and Israeli Jewish audiences as “Israel Generals” who “know Israel security.”  These leftist Israeli former IDF officers have propagated the Big Lie claiming that there is a Two-state solution to the Palestinian Arab problem, to millions of all-to-eager to be duped Jews:

They are the “Gatekeepers.”  There was even a movie made about them and their military advice. 

Enter US President Donald J. Trump, who makes a simple objective declaration that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel.  And what happens?  PA President Abbas begins to say in English what he has been saying in Arabic- namely, that Tel Aviv is also “occupied territory.”  But the Israeli generals always knew what Abbas was saying in Arabic, so they knew the Two-State solution was a fraud to begin with.  This group of Israeli generals, on whose opinions Israeli and American Jews have relied for life-and-death decisions about Israel must know that what they are saying is delusionary.

No one needs to have an Israeli security clearance to monitor what the Palestinian leaders are saying about their obssessive desire to murder every Israeli in Tel Aviv.  All one needs to do is subscribe to Palestinian Media Watch, or PMW.  Itamar Marcus has single-handedly done with a shoe-string budget what the Israel government didn't do with millions of dollars: Just translate exactly what the Palestinian leaders/terrorists have been openly saying in Arabic. They don’t want Judea, Samaria and Gaza, they want Tel Aviv and Netanya and they want to murder every last Jew who dares to remain when, as they hope, they begin their Jihad murder spree.

All Abbas’ recent rantings at the UN about Israel as a “colony,” that Israel occupied Palestine in 1948, not 1967, about the UN Resolution 181 and the “right of return” into Tel Aviv for the 7 million claimed Palestinian "refugees" is merely a repetition of what Abbas has been saying for years.  It’s just that the left-wing Generals thought of themselves as imbued with messianic visions that ordinary human beings didn’t possess. 

What’s worse is despite Abbas' genocidal ravings about erasing Israel from the map with the clear intention of murdering another 6 million Jews in Israel, these leftist Israeli generals are still touting the Two-State solution. Are they suicidal?. Are they getting paid by leftist-American Jews who think Israel is expendable or a laboratory guinea pig?

Look at a January 4, 2013 statement by Mahmoud Abbas: “We must remember the pioneers - the Grand Mufti.”. In 1939, before there was a State of Israel, before there was a 'West Bank', there was Haj Amin Al-Husseini, the British appointed Palestine Mufti who wanted nothing other than to murder every last Jew and Englishmen in what was then the Palestine mandate.

Al-Hussieni went on to foment the genocidal murder of 600 Jews in Bagdad in a pogrom when the pro-Nazi coup was quelled by England.  Al-Husseini then met with Adolf Hitler who at their meeting on November 28, 1941 promised the “total destruction” of the Jews. And then the next day, November 29, Heydrich sent out the invitations to the Wannsee Conference where the Final Solution was said to have been officially formulated and implemented.  The genocidal Nazi plan to mass-murder Jews is inextricably intertwined with the genocidal Palestinian plan to mass-murder Jews. The problem is the leftist Israeli generals think that despite all evidence to the contrary,  they have the silver bullet. In reality, the Two-State Solution “bullet” is aimed at the State of Israel and its 6 million Jewish inhabitants.

These generals think that if their "solution" doesn't work out,  they can reinvade the 'West Bank' just as they invaded it in 1967.  They’re reliving the glory of the 1967 war, instead of understanding the fact fact that 2018 is not 1967. But whether they are fools or traitors for money, the bottom line is they need to be exposed for the lies they are spewing and the infecting of Jewish minds. There is a reason no Israeli Leftist general would ever debate me: I would expose them for the military frauds that they are. But, time is short.  There may be another election soon. Everyone has to study and be prepared to expose these talking heads for the frauds that they are.

It’s a testament to President Trump’s truth in diplomacy that one obvious declaration of reality has shown these Leftist Israeli generals up as the rank fools that they are.