Through Jerusalem, Trump has changed the world
Through Jerusalem, Trump has changed the world

We don’t know what world leaders whisper about him, but love him or hate him, they know that President Trump has returned America to its standing as the world’s colossus.

At the economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, Trump faces what are known as the elites, who never liked him much. But in Trump they’ll be facing the Lion in the room.

America once again strides the global stage and It started Wednesday, December 6, 2017, when from the White House, Trump announced the following: “I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.” Since that moment, that big shining moment, nothing has been the same.

In reaction to those words – sweetness to lovers of Liberty and Zion, bitterness to the others -- tyrannies (like North Korea and Iran) trembled, alliances (between the European Union and the Palestinian Authority) were shattered, and more of our enemies went scattering for refuge among think-alike regimes, or anyone who would take them in from the cold.

Suddenly, it was not wise to resist the President of the United States (ask the Democrats), nor prudent to mock him (ask Mahmoud Abbas), nor safe to tease him – ask Kim Jong-un.
Suddenly, it was not wise to resist the President of the United States (ask the Democrats), nor prudent to mock him (ask Mahmoud Abbas), nor safe to tease him – ask Kim Jong-un.

They did not believe he would do it…but he did…with no thought to their “feelings.” They’d gotten so used to Obama, that imposter from Kenya, a weakling, a Quisling, that it came as a shock to find that here was a man. Here was a man who kept his word. Here was a man of action. Here was a man of honor. Here was a man who could not be played.

If he could do something so courageous to some, so outrageous to others – what else would he do, and to whom?

Trump’s Jerusalem bequest upended thousands of years of global politics. No wonder they were scared.

Abbas (the 5.2 Billion Dollar Man who appreciates not a penny of all that cash we wasted on him since 1994) – went running to the EU at Brussels for a hug. He got the hug. But nothing else. To offset Trump, he pleaded with them to officially recognize “Palestine” for his fake people.

Those are the people, as we noted in this column, who have as much right to Jerusalem and to the Holy Land as do The Beatles – less, actually.

Abbas got the cold shoulder from his European pals, even as he probably reminded them that they go back to those good old days when the Grand Mufti shared secrets with Hitler.

The response Abbas got was amazing and startling – even to those of us who don’t trust adjectives.

But this does merit a WOW, from the lips of the EU’s Federica Mogherini to Abbas: “No effort will ever bring the two sides at the table …if it does not include the United States.”

Did I already say WOW?

I should have warned you to be sitting down before reading that quote – coming as it did from Europe, which has tried every which way to elbow out the United States.

But call this The Trump Effect…and for Abbas and his “people,” call this – for the first time – a brush-off, a kiss off. Go back to the man all of us now call Daddy.

Days after that visit from one terrorist warlord came a delegation of them from Iran – also expecting the usual smiles.

What’s this? Likewise – for the first time – they got browbeaten … accused of spreading terror, and of spying on Israel.

Who thought that day would come, when Europe would choose us over them?

The surprises commenced when Nikki Haley scorched them verbally at the UN.

That was followed by funding cuts to them and their UNRWA and their Palestinian Authority and other assorted shnorrers who mean us nothing but harm.

Trump’s got Kim’s undivided attention in North Korea. He’s got the ayatollahs in Iran finally convinced that Obama is out; Trump is in, so beware.

He’s got them all scattered without a paddle…and wondering how they can get back on America’s good side. Ditto even the Europeans

Amazing what a real leader, a real president can do…most powerfully so when he remembers Jerusalem…and can I get me an Amen for Vice President Mike Pence!

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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