Europe's betrayal
Europe's betrayal

I am reliving the Evian Conference, held in 1938. No European country was willing to take the Jews.

Eighty years later, on December 21, 2017, twenty six European countries voted to condemn the United States’ decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Six abstained. No European country dared to stand with the United States, with Israel, or with reality.

Austria and Germany—Hitler’s home base—voted to condemn the United States’ decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Germany—whose shame about the Nazi genocide of six million assimilated, productive, and non-violent Jews led Merkel’s Germany tp embrace millions of non-assimilated, non-productive, and very violent Muslim refugees—and why? 

Partly to redeem their own soiled reputation and, more diabolically, to continue their traditional Jew-hatred by allowing Muslim refugees to harass, beat, torture, and murder Jews—and by consistently voting for Palestinian terrorists over a peaceful and democratic Israel.

Germany—on whose soil Israeli athletes were murdered in cold blood at the Olympics and whose police could not stop the Palestinian killing spree or apprehend the perpetrators.

Austria and Germany were not the only European countries who voted to condemn the vote on moving the American Embassy to Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem.

France—a hotbed of radical Islamism did too. France—which has again hosted the kind of mobs that cry “Death to the Jews” in Paris in the 21st century. France—in which Jews have literally been tortured to death (Ilan Halimi, z”l, Sarah Halimi z”l); synagogues bombed; Blood libels launched (the Mohammad Al-Dura fakery); medical care given to mass murdering terrorist, Yasir Arafat and asylum given to his family.

La Belle France—quelle dommage. La Belle France—living proof that prophecy still exists in the modern age. Jean Raspail envisioned it all in his dystopian novel, “In The Camp of the Saints.” 

Europe was home to so many Jews—but it was also a death camp for us.
Greece, (who yielded up the Jews of Salonica to the Nazis); Iceland (what did the Jews ever do to Icelanders?); once neutral Ireland and Italy (which yielded up all the Jews of Venice, Turin, Rome, to Hitler), both condemned the U.S. decision.

Belgium, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, and Montenegro (were fully occupied by the Mussolini’s Nazis); The Netherlands, (the country that yielded up the greatest percentage of its Jews to Hitler and that, myth aside, boasted no real resistance movement); Norway (the country that gave Hitler as many of its Jews as it could); Portugal (oh, how can we forget the Spanish-style Inquisition and exile of Portuguese Jews—I cannot do so); Serbia, (fully on board and aligned with Herr Hitler); Spain, (who can forget Spain’s anti-Jewish Inquisition and its secret support for Hitler.

Sweden and Denmark once rescued their Jews—but that was then, now it is in a politically correct strait-jacket; Switzerland (which held onto to Jewish bank accounts and art work but not to living Jews); and the United Kingdom about which much can be said; my personal favorite is how His Majesty’s Navy circled and shot at pitiful Nazi-era Jewish refugees on board leaky boats, whom they did not allow to land in Haifa.

The anti-Semitic Poles (!) Croatians, (!) Hungarians, (!), Latvians (!) Romanians (!) and Czechs (!) all abstained. Their records during the Shoah were awful.

Europe was home to so many Jews—but it was also a death camp for us.

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