Europe's Left has joined the Islamosphere
Europe's Left has joined the Islamosphere

Everywhere you look in Europe, you see leftist intellectuals, politicians and militans coming to the defense of former inmates at Guantanamo, Iranian ministers and mullahs, convicted Palestinian terrorists or Sunni radical preachers. They march with them in the streets of Paris and London, they support their discourse against the West in the Parliaments, they offer them legal defense and advice about the veil, swimming pools, schools, courts, workplace, mosques, houses. They plot with them to prosecute “Islamophobic” journalists and writers. They love them.

Some of them haill from anti-capitalism, others from the battles for the Third World, others simply hate the West, others want to eradicate Israel and the Jews. But they all joined the “Islamosphere”. They are the new collaborators, the Western agents influencing Europe's democracy at the orders of the Muslim Brotherhood or the Wahhabees.

The left hates Christian shepherds and priests, but loves Islamic mullahs and imams.
Islamists seek to control every word and discourse on the Prophet of Islam to free him from any responsibility for Jihadist crimes. And they are supported by a large segment of Europe's Left.

This Left has lost everything it had: The Soviet Union, the Third World, the Western working class, and it now sees radical Islam as a surrogate proletariat to mobilize the world against free market, democracy, pluralism and Western values. The left hates Christian shepherds and priests, but loves Islamic mullahs and imams.

This Left preaches anti-Semitism (often disguised as anti-Zionism) and idolizes the Islamic veil. For them, denouncing the rapes committed by immigrants is a racist act. The Leftist feminists want all the freedom and equality between the sexes for themselves and have no problem having Muslim women take all the submission to men, “blasphemy” and the crime of apostasy. These collaborators love to adorn themselves with the masks of rebels.

In 1917, many useful idiots in the West were able to convince many in the West that Communism in Russia was paradise (think about all the red spies in the UK and US), that the Gulag didn't exist or that it was the forced road to equality. In 2017, the new useful idiots repeat over and over how beautiful, equal and just the West will be after the submission to radical Islam.

In 1917, they succeeded and for 70 years Western Europe was submerged by Soviet totalitarian darkness. Will they succeed again in 2017?