Anna Baltzer is back with a program to make Blacks hate Jews
Anna Baltzer is back with a program to make Blacks hate Jews

It is the ever-new embodiment of the old fable of the sale of the soul to the Devil. The tempter offers wealth, comfort, excitement, but in return the victim must sell her soul, nor does the other party forget to exact his due to the uttermost farthing.” -William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army. 

Anna Piller was a pretty young woman who had a non-religious Jewish mother and gentile father and who, by her own admission, was not raised Jewish nor did she know anything about the Jewish religion. Anna dreamed of getting a job after college that would allow her to travel with a good income and a chance to be in the limelight. 

Ida Piller, Anna’s grandmother, narrowly escaped the Nazis in World War II and was a big supporter of Israel who even had her art displayed permanently in Israel. Anna found that sinecure of her dreams working for Hamas and Palestinian terrorists as a “proud Jewish woman” who supports Hamas against the Jews of Israel.

Her family hid this from grandmother Ida by having Anna change her last name to Baltzer and she went on to tour colleges, law schools, churches, even synagogues accusing Israel of atrocities that did not occur and excusing Arab terrorist attacks as “resistance.”

Ida Piller died recently so Anna was able to use both the names Piller and Baltzer. Anna’s mother at first told her daughter she was “brainwashed” by the Arabs, but later decided to support Anna in her campaign of lies and anti-Semitism because, after all, Anna was acquiring money and fame. Who wouldn’t want that for a child? Never mind that she was helping to further the killing of other people’s children for fascists in Gaza.

The Hamas Charter calls for the annihilation of all of World Jewry, not just those in Israel, but Anna couldn’t care less. She’s making a great living, gets to travel and the Arabs and radicals against Israel treat her like a prize cow, the “Jewish” spokeswoman who is against a Jewish state - and the truth. She doesn’t promote peace and never condemns Hamas terrorism, instead attacking Israel “by any means she can.

At the conclusion of a national conference she led in San Diego promoting BDS and training anti-Semites in how to bring down Israel, she told her adoring crowd that they all needed to descend on Ferguson, Missouri to start riots against the police there because it was going to be tied to Israel. Ferguson’s police force, like many others in the U.S. has gone to Israel for anti-terrorism training, so, Anna, following her marching orders from Hamas urged rioting there over the shooting death of a punk named Michael Brown who was killed by a Ferguson police officer just after Brown went for the officer’s gun after a robbery.

A Grand Jury that included blacks from the Ferguson community exonerated the officer as acting in self-defense, but Anna is sending out recruiting emails saying Brown was “murdered.” Anna also says that every armed terrorist killed in the last Gaza War fighting the IDF was also “murdered.”

Then again, what can one expect from someone who sells her wares to the highest bidder? In the same current broadside email she tells readers 2,200 Palestinians were also “murdered by the IDF.” She says nothing about 10,000 rockets fired into Israel from Hamas, nor that the majority of the Palestinians were in fact armed and trained combatants. That might interfere with her doing her job.

The Arabs want to fool Americans into thinking Israel is an apartheid state when it’s the only state in the Middle East that does NOT practice apartheid. That’s Anna’s job too. So, she sends out a video with her missive that says, “When I see them, I see us!” with assorted black radicals and Arabs claiming they are concerned about human rights. 

But who are the stars of this video? One is Angela Davis, who helped Black Panthers' attempt an escape from court and prison where they killed a judge and wounded others. Then, there is Rasmea Odeh who murdered two college boys in Israel by bombing a supermarket and was deported from the U.S. recently after getting a standing ovation from 200 other Hamas lovers for her killings. That’s right, “Jews” praising a Jew-killer as a hero. Noura Erekat,  who leads BDS in the U.S, and the niece of Saeb Erekat, also appears in the video though none of them has any concern for Israeli children killed by Hamas rockets.

Just like their spokeswoman, Anna, the lead Hamas-lover.

Anna recently had a baby, almost on the same day that the Jewish Fogel family was butchered by an Arab terrorist. Anna expressed no sympathy for the Jewish family, even their infant baby. But she does accuse Israel of killing Arab babies every two hours during the Gaza War, yet another myth. It’s all in a day’s work for the Hamas-lover.

Israel’s black population enjoys the same civil rights as all other Israeli citizens. And Israel rescued its black citizens from Ethiopia and Eritrea where they were persecuted by other blacks.

Trying to instill racial hatred among black Americans against Jews is nothing new. Louis Farrakhan has done that for many years and was paid for it by the late Mohammar Qaddafi. Anna Baltzer, the Hamas-lover, has no problem working with black anti-Semites to bolster Hamas and it no doubt brings financial support from other Arab interests. Traitors seldom have scruples as to where the money comes from. Being a leader of the BDS and anti-Israel movements, Anna also works under black demagogue Al Sharpton, who has a history of attacking the Jews and runs the National Action Network to collaborate with pro-terrorist groups such as in Ferguson.

The process of American blacks unifying behind support for Hamas is already taking place where most people do not see the subversion involved to bolster the terrorist group. On a grassroots level, some black Americans, notably in the colleges, are jumping on the “It’s the Jews” bandwagon promoting the old shibboleths of greedy Jewish bankers and landlords being responsible for black poverty.

The idea of local American police departments taking anti-terrorism training in Israel is also being promoted by the Baltzer as specific training so police can murder blacks, a lie near and dear to the Black Lives Matter movement. And if black Israeli citizens can be indoctrinated to spread the lies in Israel and abroad then maybe the world will call to dismantle Israel as was done in South Africa where real apartheid existed,

To these ends, for the third anniversary  Anna Baltzer has concocted a connection between the Ferguson story and her mendacious and disproven accusations against Israel, written for the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights and posted on her Facebook page: "As Mike Brown lay dying in Ferguson, 6,000 miles away, Israel was pummeling the Gaza Strip. Israel’s 2014 assault on Gaza claimed the lives of 2,251 Palestinians, among them 551 children. The connections between the dehumanization Palestinians experience under Israeli apartheid and that experienced by Black and brown communities targeted by US institutional racism and discrimination targeting became clearer than ever."

Calling for more black rioting in Ferguson and calling for Black and Palestinian Arab struggle for "liberation" in the same breath is all part of Baltzer's doing a good job and reaping the personal benefits of her willingness to prostitute herself for Hamas.