Goebbels is alive and well in UNESCO
Goebbels is alive and well in UNESCO

Dr Josef Goebbels did not commit suicide in the Berlin's bunker with Adolf Hitler. He is living and leading the work of Unesco, the UN agency that recently gathered in Krakow. Within three days, they made the first and second most holy cities of Judaism, Jerusalem and Hevron, “Jüdenrein” . They Islamicized the city of Abraham, Isaac, Sarah, Jacob and King David. These bureaucrats who have sold their souls to the Arab-Islamic countries are rewriting not only the history of Israel and the Jews, but that of the Western civilization.

Jew-hate is going viral.

85 days have passed since a Jewish pensioner in Paris, Sarah Halimi, was thrown out of the window by her neighbor, a Muslim, crying “Allah Akbar”. Where is the French government inquiry? Where is the obsequious French media, always ready to absolve Islam? Where are the French political authorities? And the French police? 

As Francis Kalifat, the president of the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France (the umbrella organization for Jewish organizations in France), wrote: “Attal-Halimi needs to be remembered as yet another casualty of this new hatred towards Jews that has been growing in our country since the beginning of the last decade”. That is probably exactly why the French establishment is presenting Halimi's killer as mentally insane when he is in fact a terrorist.

Meanwhile, the Islamic turbants who have ruined Iran have inaugurated in Teheran the clock that counts the days that are missing until the destruction of Israel. 8,411 .... A fantasy? As certainly as is Unesco's attempt to rewrite history.

No, dear Islamic-Iranian fanatics, French appeasers and Unesco history-deniers, in 2040 the Jewish State will still be there, more beautiful and strong than it is now. In Tel Aviv as in Hevron.