Will anyone rescue European women?
Will anyone rescue European women?

Barely a week into Emmanuel Macron’s presidency, a petition was launched to bring the daily lives of many native European women to his attention. It was nothing more than a fruitless wishful attempt.

The facts are that the female residents of a Parisian neighborhood, have had enough of “being spat at, daily insults in different languages, forced robbery, the presence of pickpockets, drunkards and the smell of urine,” as the petition states. Many do not dare leave their houses alone, not to mention wearing a skirt or tight pants, lest they are attacked or insulted. They are not welcome in local bars and restaurants where they are greeted by the lewdness of gangs of drunk and unemployed young men who are either French citizens of foreign heritage or recent illegal migrants.

There is no shortage of this type of neighborhoods in Europe, long abandoned to the rule of gangs, drug dealers, and illegal migrants. Even so, any concern or criticism expressed by native Europeans is regarded as blasphemous towards multiculturalism. Which explains why as soon as some of these women expressed their displeasure at being dispossessed from their way of life, they were accused of prejudice and ‘racism.’

Smears and accusations of racism and bigotry are today’s price for telling the truth and describing the reality in Europe. Also, the fear of being called ‘racist’ further dissuades the authorities to take any concrete actions, even if they were ever going to. Besides, most people even fail or prefer not to recognize that these problems do exist and keep getting worse. Politicians from across the board believe that the thugs reigning in European territories are flawless and irreproachable in essence. Therefore, the situation could be ultimately and solely explained by the alleged evils of the European people and their past.

According to their delusional narrative, racist, bigoted, unwelcoming and parsimonious Europeans who colonized the otherwise cultivated, flourishing and prosperous Third World nations have to pay for some committed and mostly uncommitted ancestral sins eternally. Hence, it is, for instance, the fault of the French people, if they are turning into an unprotected ethnic minority in their own homeland. Consequently, had Europeans had not committed these cardinal ancestral sins, had they been less racist and more welcoming today, these masses of unemployed men would not only assimilate and abandon rape, crime, and terror, but they would also make Europe as advanced, civilized, cultivated and modern as the countries they fled.

This circus of self-flagellation, self-repudiation, self-hatred and fanatical self-criticism has been pursued professionally as a career for Europe’s caste of globalist politicians. Meanwhile, the sources of our exponential crime rates and territorial disintegration, on the other hand, continue to be systematically exonerated of all suspicions and elevated to unattainable levels of absolute perfection and utter sainthood.

Caroline De Haas, a leading feminist figure, proposed to solve the problem by expanding the sidewalks in the neighborhood in question. And no, in case you were wondering, she is not a comedian.
Feminists are also doing their fair share in the ongoing circus. Following the controversy, Caroline De Haas, a leading feminist figure, proposed to solve the problem by expanding the sidewalks in the neighborhood in question. And no, in case you were wondering, she is not a comedian. The expansion of sidewalks, according to her, will address the issue and make women feel safe again. Her method, at best, might prove to be as efficient as France’s new counterterrorism measure. In case you have not heard of it, “you won’t have my hatred” has become this fancy buzz phrase that many French people are determined to fight terrorism with. Anything more efficient than candles, solidarity hashtags and “you won’t have my hatred,” would be - you guessed it - racist. Thank God, not many people thought of combating Nazism with this you-won’t-have-my-hatred type of servile idiocy.

With no solution on the horizon, it seems that Parisian women will simply have to learn to live with insults, robbery, sexual harassment and all the other wonders of multiculturalism just as their peers in Cologne did. The mere denunciation of this reality is deemed ‘racist’ by the thought police, just as any other thought, word or action advocating the rights of native Europeans to self-preservation is considered to be so. Failing to address the real racism that many people from White South Africans to Christians in Arab countries suffer from, those who use the word to slander Europeans resisting cultural and ethnic substitution have rendered it devoid of any meaning.

Sadly, however, the myth of racist Europeans does not seem to stop the ever-growing flow of criminals, rapists, and terrorists from coming into the continent. Will Europeans soon be told that their very existence, even as an unprotected ethnic minority in their homelands, is racist? Does anyone care enough to rescue the European women, at least?