59 tons against Iran and North Korea
59 tons against Iran and North Korea

Tonight President Trump delivered 59 Tomahawks holding one ton of explosives each directly against the Shiite/Aliwite Bashar al-Assad.  Critically, President Trump gave the real message to the evil Iranians and the lunatic North Korean dictator.  It is a tragedy that  it is  6 years too late, that it needed elections for a new leader, President Trump, to make good on Iranian-stooge former-President Obama’s red-line.  We have now entered a new age where Iran will be defeated and defeated badly, and North Korea will realize its time is up.

President Trump is all action and no talk.  President Trump is the anti-Obama.  Obama was held hostage to some unknown hold on him by Iran either from his Hyde Park Fraud deal with Rezco, or some imagined “legacy” of an Iranian deal.  President Trump is clearly not beholden to anyone or anything.  He is going to act and act boldly.  President Trump is not a “to-be-or-not-to-be” President.  This is a President who may just save the United States and save the world from evil.

The anti-Iranian Judeo-Sunni Coalition against the Iranian evil was born today.  The 59 missiles were the American signature on the dotted line of the Middle East's future, including Israel as its cornerstone.  The Trump attack showed that the United States will stand behind a complete roll-back of the Iranian cancer that Obama allowed to metastasize throughout the Middle East and beyond.

Third, Bashar al-Assad is dead-man walking.  The Alawite generals around him now understand that if they don’t liquidate Assad themselves, and engineer a soft-landing of Syria to save an Alawite safe-zone, there will be the hard-landing of Assad’s liquidation and the Alawite sect will be wiped off the face of the earth.  If the Alawite and Russian generals continue their chlorine barrel-bombs, they will be met with hundreds of Tomahawk missiles, denuding them of any ability to control the Syrian battle-space.

Russian’s Putin, and China are now on notice regarding their respective pet-genocidal al-Assad and Kim Jong-un.  Putin and China had better control those psycho-pathological lunatics, or Trump will control them with raw brutal focused military action.  Russia and China will realize that escalation with Trump to protect petty dictators will lead to catastrophic consequences for their own countries.

The Islamic oppositional rebel groups in Syria now have a decision to make on whether they stay an Islamic crazy force, or renounce Islamic craziness and focus on becoming non-Islamic statesmen.  With Obama’s betrayal of the Sunnis, the Syrian Sunni opposition was left with only the radical Islamic card.  With Trump’s Tomahawk strike, he has given the Syrian Sunnis hope that they can find salvation in President Trump and not in Allah.

In short, overnight we have entered a Trump world. Perhaps there can truly be peace in our time.