The ugly Americans
The ugly Americans

If your career is on the skids, try this: Join the mobs against Trump and tell them you have dreams of  “blowing up the White House.”

That was Madonna who said that amid the anti-Trump hysteria in Washington on Sunday and now she’s famous all over again.

Haven’t heard from her in years. Ditto Gloria Steinem and so many other forlorn and forgotten figures from the women’s movement of the past.

They’re back. They have a cause. Nobody’s really clear on what that is, except for the fact that we took away their boy toy, Barack Hussein Obama.

Already for them Donald Trump has been in office too long – 48 hours or so.

Afflicted by a form of Mad Cow Disease, a million or so leftist women scorned Trump across the country for daring to be Trump.

They’re afraid of what Trump is going to do. Tell you what, ladies – when he bursts past your door and snatches your rights and your puppy, then go march.

If it’s tolerance you’re really after, try it yourselves some day. Was that really Ashley Judd up there on stage raving mad? I guess they let her out for a day.

That to so many Liberals the word “assassination” now rolls off the tongue so casual is quite disturbing.

That so many atheist Democrats cheer this as an answer to prayer is positively alarming.

Madonna now says she was taken out of context. Is that so?

For federal authorities now investigating her, that was context enough.

But she insists that love is the answer – as her fellow protesters rioted, bashed cars and broke glass during Trump’s inauguration.

More love from a staffer at SNL who tweeted that Trump’s 10-year-old son would likely turn into a homeschool shooter. The gag writer has since been suspended but the damage has been done and now we know the kind of talent that writes those dull skits for Saturday Night Live for the benefit of no one except to keep Alec Baldwin employed.

Palestinian Arabs have a knack for showing up everywhere. They’re at every party and dance at every wedding and if we don’t watch ourselves they’ll be dancing at our funerals.
The shouts I heard in New York were about Diversity, Freedom of Speech and Reproductive Rights. The bitchery was violent.

About all that, we hear some strange news from the woman who organized that woman’s march. We hear that this lady is a Palestinian Arab. That is perfectly all right. We are an inclusive country. We also hear that she has ties with the terrorist group Hamas and favors Sharia Law.

So in other words, 50,000 women in Washington went marching against free speech and in favor of intolerance toward women, gays, Jews and Christians.

Women are treated as second-class and gays are tossed off tall buildings and terrorists are worshipped as heroes.

That’s how it works in those territories and countries where that lady comes from – and that’s what they’re bringing to the United States.

Somehow, these Palestinian Arabs have a knack for showing up everywhere. They’re at every party and dance at every wedding and if we don’t watch ourselves they’ll be dancing at our funerals. They have plans. Stifling free speech is plan #1. If you doubt this, try acting Jewish or speaking pro-Israel at any college campus.

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was arrested by Obama’s judges (conveniently on a separate incident) after producing a negative movie of Obama.

Did you see a million women marching for D’Souza in the name of free speech? I did not see a single one, ever.

If you watched NBC’s Chuck Todd’s interview of Trump’s adviser Kellyanne Conway on Sunday, where he kept badgering her and mocking her throughout an entire segment, you saw the face of America’s Liberal Left – angry, resentful, spiteful, wrathful, smug, arrogant, supercilious and purely hateful.

Had he spoken like that to a Democrat he’d be called a misogynist.

The sick joke is that for all these years we thought the Democrats were the party of the compassionate and the merciful. Oh yeah?

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