Obsessive inconsistency: The world and the two-state solution
Obsessive inconsistency: The world and the two-state solution

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.” This is precisely what the Israeli left, the European Union, the present and past American Administrations have been advocating—a two-state solution for two nations living in peace next to each other. It was attempted before by the UN, in 1947; it failed. It was attempted again by Prime Minister Barak; it failed. It was attempted over again by Prime Minister Olmert; it failed. These attempts failed because the Palestinians refused to accept the existence of a Jewish State, not only in Judea and Samaria, but also in Tel Aviv, Haifa, the Negev and the Galilei. Expecting different results is consistent with Einstein’s definition of insanity.

And, as if the delusional quest for a two-state solution is not crazy enough, there is more. Einstein’s definition of insanity suits the claim that Jewish "settlements," or even the presence of Israeli troops in territories occupied by Jordan and Egypt between 1948 and 1967, are the reason for the “Greatest Political Conflict on Earth” (as defined by the number of UN resolutions condemning Israel). Removing Jewish communities and Israeli troops from Gaza proved lethal. It contributed to the Hamas takeover of the territory, and to the two wars that followed. Removing Israeli troops from Lebanon contributed to Hezbollah’s takeover of the territory, and to the two wars that followed.

Removing Israeli troops from the "West Bank" following the Oslo Peace accord proved lethal. The "West Bank" became a colossal terror nest and the troops had to be sent back in. Should Israel remove Jewish communities and troops from Judea and Samaria, the only sane outcome is a repeat of the same--war and more wars. Anyone expecting different results corresponds to Einstein’s definition of insanity.

But there is one more compelling argument for the insanity of the idea advocating a Two-State Solution. Those who promote it tend to ignore the fact that the solution must involve three entities rather than two. A Two-State Solution is an incomplete solution in this case. There needs to be a Three-State Solution to complete the delusional picture. Gaza and Hamas do exist, but the push for the Two-State solution does not take that fact into account.

Albert Einstein concluded that some people change the facts if the facts do not fit their theory.
Albert Einstein concluded that some people change the facts if the facts do not fit their theory. A Three-State solution does not fit the theory claiming that a Two-State solution would bring peace to the Middle East conflict. Accordingly, the promoters of the Two-State Solution change the facts. They ignore Gaza; they ignore Hamas; Gaza and Hamas are nowhere to be found in their map; these facts do not fit their delusional theory.

Gaza is not ruled by the Palestinian Authority. It is ruled by Hamas—the PA’s adversary. Hamas does not even pretend to accept a solution where Israel exists in any borders. They keep referring to Israel as “the Occupation”. Hamas views every part of Israel as an occupied territory. Telling Israel to make peace with Hamas is equivalent to instructing the US to make peace with ISIS and al Qaeda. Neither one of these terrorist-ruled entities will ever be interested in anything other than terrorizing their targeted infidel state and its citizens.

There are many left-minded Israeli citizens who believe in the insane idea (Einstein’s definition) of a Two-State solution. It is possible that a future Israeli government may try to implement a Two-State Solution. But although, in my opinion, the risk of a catastrophic failure is extremely high, they may deem it insignificant. But what if they implement it, and then are proved wrong? What if the outcome becomes catastrophic? What if Einstein is proved correct again?

And finally, the hypocrisy articulated by those who demand an Israeli withdrawal from “Occupied Territories” can be highlighted by pointing to the fact that these same countries are occupiers and settlers of territories they captured by force. The list is long, but here is a selection:

Northern Ireland—captured, occupied, annexed and settled by the British

Falkland Islands—Occupied, settled, recaptured by the British in a war with Argentina

Territories belonging to Poland and Romania—captured, occupied and annexed by the then Soviet Union, Ukraine—now.

Kurdistan—Occupied and annexed by Turkey, Iran and Iraq

Catalonia—Occupied and annexed by Spain

German territories before WWII—occupied and annexed by France and Poland

Hungarian territories (Transylvania)—occupied and annexed by Romania

Tibet—occupied and annexed by China

Texas— occupied and annexed by the US after being captured from Mexico

The entire US—captured by force from the Native Americans and settled by the White Americans—

All ought to be classified as illegal, if consistency, rather than anti-Semitism, governs the civilized world.