Nice try, France
Nice try, France

So we hear it was a bust. I guess it’ll be a year before you try again? Or are you already preparing for another go against Israel?

This round failed because no matter how much honey you put on it, it still smelled like garlic.

Leaders from 70 countries came to Paris and departed without a deal to deny Jewish rights to the Jewish people in their Biblical and ancestral home.

You tried. Yes you did and generally I leave the Bible to my rabbis, but there is no way to forget Balaam, the prophet-for-hire who was hired to curse the Hebrews along their march to the Holy Land. Instead, every curse was turned into a blessing. Something like that happened in Paris.

Give me one more moment to get religion. So I say that it was a Hand from above that intervened and that gave us Donald Trump in the nick of time.

They’d have to answer to Trump.

John Kerry left the Big Conference hangdog and positively out of sorts. Things did not go as planned. They’d have to answer to Trump so the Paris conferees said, never mind.
Trump wanted no part of this and as you’ve noticed, Trump gets entire countries shivering in their boots as the result of a tweet.

Imagine him when he gets really mad. So the Paris conferees said, never mind.

Hello football fans and that does not mean you Meryl Streep. We’re getting our country back. In a few days Trump will be in charge. So party time is over for Liberals and John Kerry left the Big Conference hangdog and positively out of sorts. Things did not go as planned.

Security Council Resolution 2334 -- now that was a piece of cake. In Paris, what happened? Trump happened.

Can you count the days till Friday when he gets sworn in? I’m counting the minutes.

The summit did indeed yap about pre-67 borders, two-state solution and all that; nothing new and most of it half-hearted over a good dinner with fine wine.

The pretext was the peace process whereby Israel is supposed to share the Holy Land with a generation of unholy cutthroats.

Yet Kerry, with a straight face, says that he’s the one who protected Israel from unfair treatment at the summit.

I can hear my mother, of blessed memory, saying – “SizOch Und Vey if we have to rely on John Kerry to save the Jewish people.”

Or, “a nechtikeh toog if we expect Barack Hussein Obama do to us any favors.”

Obama can’t get a peace process going in Chicago for crying out loud, but for Israel he’s full of wisdom…and full of plans.

Like the rest of them who walk “in the counsel of the wicked” and “sit in the session with scorners.” That’s from David’s first psalm. Since we are getting Biblical.

Why not? Something strange happened there in Paris. Another design against Israel went down and out.

Death and life, according to Solomon, are in the power of the tongue, or in the power of a tweet, according to Donald Trump, who saved the day.

Can I get me an Amen for divine intervention?

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes a regular column for Arutz Sheva. New from the novelist: “News Anchor Sweetheart,” a novelist’s version of Fox News and Megyn Kelly. Engelhard is the author of the international bestseller “Indecent Proposal.” For books like the Montreal memoir “Escape From Mount Moriah,” he is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. Website: