In France, a Jewish historian is tried for "anti-Muslim remarks"
In France, a Jewish historian is tried for "anti-Muslim remarks"

Paris has tried almost all of them, the nonconformist critics of Islam: Oriana Fallaci, Michel Houellebecq, Charlie Hebdo, Ivan Rioufol, Éric Zemmour and now a great Jewish historian of the Arab world. Georges Bensoussan, 64, will appear in a Paris court in January to answer charges of “inciting racial hatred”.

Two weeks ago, another trial was opened in Paris against the essayist Pascal Bruckner, “guilty” of having attacked “the collaborators of the Charlie Hebdo killers.” 

The Collective Against Islamophobia, the leading organization behind many of these "causes," has now brought Bensoussan to trial for some of his sentences during a radio broadcast.

“Today, we are witnessing [the emergence of] a different people in the midst of the French nation, who are effecting a reneging on a certain number of democratic values to which we adhere,” read the first quote flagged. The second quote cited read: “This visceral anti-Semitism proven by the Fondapol survey by Dominique Reynié last year cannot remain under a cover of silence.”

“Silence is the goal of this new thought police” reads one appeal in favour of Bensoussan...
“Besides, along with the animosity toward the French nation, there will be no integration as long as we will not be rid of this ancestral anti-Semitism that is kept secret (…) as an Algerian sociologist, Smain Laacher, very bravely said in a film that will be aired on France 3, ‘it’s disgraceful to keep this taboo in place, knowing that in Arab families in France and beyond everybody knows but will not say that anti-Semitism is transmitted with mother’s milk',” the quote went on.

Bensoussan is the editorial director of the Memorial de la Shoah and one of the greatest scholars of anti-Semitism in France. The Movement against Racism and for Friendship among Peoples, which has already tried Oriana Fallaci, condemned Bensoussan: “It is outrageous and heinous that Bensoussan, editorial director of the Memorial, used racist words in a public service”.  

The Libération newspaper also called for punishing the respected and acclaimed historian: “Funded by the state, the Memorial has to publicly distance itself from the statements of its editorial director.”

“Silence is the goal of this new thought police” reads one appeal in favour of Bensoussan and signed by Elisabeth Badinter, Bernard-Henri Lévy and the Grand Rabbi of France Haïm Korsia. Then there is the appeal of Jacques Tarnero (filmmaker) and Yves Ternon (physician and historian): “Bensoussan’s trial is part of an intimidation strategy of the critical expression that uses the weapons of democracy. This cultural terrorism completes the terrorism that kills.”

In this and other trials you can read the retreat and defeat of the West. How about blaming the Islamic terrorists for punishing what they call Europe’s “blasphemy”?