Canada's Trudeau, the face of Western surrender
Canada's Trudeau, the face of Western surrender

The British weekly The Economist has put him on its cover as “an example for the world”. Now that Donald Trump has been elected in the US, freedom is moving to the north, in the cold Canadian provinces, heated by the charm of the “sexiest prime minister in the world”: Justin Trudeau. 

The Canadian Prime Minister has just received the approval of the United Nations. The Bulgarian President, Rosen Plevneliev, “loves” Trudeau. It has been a year since the Liberals won 184 of 338 seats in the Canadian parliament, ending a decade of Conservative power under Stephen Harper. 

A landslide victory that prompted Trudeau to speak of a “real change”. But a year later, what did Trudeau really do? 

He appointed a “gender balanced” government: fifteen men and fifteen women. A multicultural ministerial party: former refugees, immigrants, Sikhs, Muslims, disabled and members of the Aboriginal community. Trudeau advanced the cause of legalization of recreational marijuana, after euthanasia. 

The Canadian liberals then brought in 25,000 Syrian refugees (the Conservatives were not willing to go beyond the number 10 000). Trudeau put an end to the military campaign against the Islamic State, recalling the fighters and diverting the funds to the training of Iraqi troops.

After embracing the ecological policies launched at the summit in Paris, Trudeau announced a review of the “Canadian Patriot Act”, the C-51 law allowing supervision by the government of the population for security reasons.

Trudeau introduced gender identity during the International Day Against Homophobia, transphobia and biphobia, placing gender in the law against discrimination known as the Canadian Human Rights Act. Trudeau has also introduced “neutral” identity cards, neither male nor female. 

Trudeau also made history as the first Canadian prime minister to march at the Gay Pride Parade. Trudeau had started his election campaign in 2015 under the pride rainbow in Vancouver.

The prime minister also launched a program to re-establish good relations with the Aboriginal community, plagued in the past by violence against women and forced assimilation at schools. 

Trudeau has also introduced “neutral” identity cards, neither male nor female. 
The prime minister also asked Pope Francis for an apology “for the role that the Catholic Church has played in physical and sexual abuse of children who attended one of the native schools run by the church,” one that the native children may well deserve to receive.

He is the real “anti Trump”, the white ultra progressive. He is the face of the Western surrender, not only to terrorism but also to the self defeating forces inside every civilization. Trudeau has also been photographed with a pink shirt against bullying at school. And to look even more inclusive, Trudeau withdrew the ban on wearing a niqab at ceremonies for citizenship. 

Trudeau this year has been engaged mainly in many photo opportunities around the world: at the G20 summit, at the climate summit in Paris, at the White House with Barack Obama, at the “summit of the Three Amigos” with Obama and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. 

A few weeks ago, Trudeau also made a debut as a superhero on the cover of Marvel comics magazine, where the Canadian prime minister appeared with a T-shirt. The prime minister, his office simpered, “has not objected to the publication”. Trudeau previously appeared on another cover, usually reserved for models and celebrities - Vogue. 

After the selfie with the baby pandas, Trudeau is missing only one other - that with Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.