Terror in the US is a real danger during the Mosul campaign
Terror in the US is a real danger during the Mosul campaign

As an American who has lived in Israel for 46 years, since the age of 20, and as a journalist who has covered sensitive security matters for the past 30 years, I feel an obligation to share security concerns with America at this time.

Based on experience with the civilian front at war in Israel, there are levels of precaution and preparedness that it would be worthy - and could be life saving - to share with the US at this time.  

Why now?

Because the current US led military attack on the city of Mosul, the jewel of the Islamic State and its last stronghold in Iraq, may generate ISIS reprisals against US citizens on US soil.

This is a time that American citizens should turn to the US government and US Congress to demand that precautionary measures be adopted throughout the country.

One of the cardinal rules of thumb in the Middle East culture of conflict is that reprisal against civilian lives can be expected, even if, and sometimes preferably if, the revenge may cost the life of the attacker.

This not a time to engage in denial.

Expect such an attack from a determined foe like the Islamic State.

What are some standard security measures taken in Israel -  as a matter of course - that can be implemented to help US citizens cope with the premonition of terror attacks?

-All modes of transport must be protected with guards, especially intercity trains.

-Guards must be immediately placed at  all public buildings, places of worship, hospitals, campaign rallies, sporting events, restaurants, amusement parks and major hotels

An increase in security guards at all of these venues would be vital. A particularly vulnerable target is the local elementary school and playground, because of the perceived helplessness of children who make easy prey for terrorists.

Guards must eyeball everyone as they ask security questions - the technique used at Ben Gurion Airport. Shifting pupils in the eye may tip off a  guard that something is not right.