The ongoing NYT propaganda campaign
The ongoing NYT propaganda campaign

I’m sure that reading the New York Times is shortening my life—and yet I continue to do so. I no longer monitor it as I once did.

Long ago, when it reached Pravda level on the subjects that concern me most: Israel, Anti-Semitism, Jihad, Terrorism, Gender and Religious Apartheid, etc., I decided not to take it that seriously. That is almost impossible to do so since most New Yorkers and half the world read it as if it is the Bible—a secular liberal Bible.

Since I’ve just handed in a new book, I had a moment to catch my breath. Then, I read all the papers from beginning to end.

For example, today, in the NYT, on page A12,  is an article titled “Technology Unlocks Secrets of a Biblical Scroll.” One would not know it from the title, but the article is about a one-hundred year old discovery of a “charred ancient scroll” (found) in the “ark of a synagogue on the western shore of the Dead Sea.” Amazing technological developments by computer scientists are, just recently, now able to digitally “read” the scroll. It is a fragment of the “Hebrew Bible,”  estimated to have been written in “A.D. 50-100.”

Let me stop right here.

One might expect that such a fact might jog UNESCO’s and the Newspaper of Record’s memory in terms of Israel’s long, Jewish identity. The scroll in question enumerates the sacrifices that were made in the Ancient Jewish Temple “in Jerusalem” which dates back at least six centuries before the Common Era.

On the page opposite to this article is a full page ad:  “Separation Between Israelis and Palestinians Is Essential.” The argument is that, for demographic reasons, Israel will soon lose its Jewish character. There will be a “Palestinian majority by 2020.”

Leaving aside the accuracy of the demographic prediction, the ad concludes with “It’s time for separation. Two States for Two People.”

There is no such thing as a Palestinian “people.” There are Arab Muslims (now joined by Jihadists and Western “politically correct” progressives), who have been using the Palestinians held hostage by their own very corrupt leaders in order to defame and attack the Jewish state.

Jerusalem is pictured on the ad’s map as a “Palestinian” entity, as are Nablus, Ramallah, Hebron, and Be’er Sheva, places where so much of ancient and recorded Jewish history took place. The ad was paid for by the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace.

Israel’s greatest export will increasingly be its counter-terrorism intelligence.
This ad—as well as the news coverage, the editorials, and the chosen op-ed pieces, are all part and parcel of the ongoing propaganda campaign being waged in these pages against Israel and the West. Terrorists are called “bombers.” Their religions are only reluctantly and belatedly specified—at least not if they’re Muslims. Radical Islam is never condemned; Islamism is only sometimes condemned; Jihadists are, at first, viewed as “mentally ill” individuals at least until overwhelming evidence proves otherwise.

Condemned, often, and loudly, is resistance to non-vetted “immigration.”

Israel has been on the front line of this war. It is, at least, better prepared, aware, vigilant, and well-defended. Israeli personnel knows how to vet passengers in ways that are far more sophisticated than are the methods used at world airports, including in the United States, where many security guards, engineers, baggage handlers, and airport personnel are themselves poorly vetted.

Israel’s greatest export will increasingly be its counter-terrorism intelligence. And Americans must wonder when and if our government will start paying attention.

Our lives are at stake.

Many millions of Arab Muslims are in flight and on the road; they are being robbed by human traffickers, their wives and daughters are being sexually assaulted by other Arab Muslim and Muslim men on the road; the doors of Europe are beginning to close to them. Among them move the criminals and the Jihadists.

The NYT increasingly claims that “immigrants” have made our country vital. Columnists compare the current Muslim influx to the tragically turned-back Jewish immigrants of the Holocaust era.

This is a totally immoral comparison which others have addressed, sparing me this tedious exercise of outrage.