Call him Mohammed
Call him Mohammed

The UK National Bureau of Statistics just reported that the most popular name in England and Wales for male babies is Muhammad, in its various forms (Muhammad, Mohammed, Mahmud, etc ...). Last year 3,588 Muhammads were born, along with 2,536 Mohammedd and 1,116 Mohammads, for a total of 7,240 new boys. At the second spot is Oliver with 6,649 boys, 5,804 Jack and and 5,379 Harry.

England is not alone on this.
It is not an isolated phenomenon. In Brussels, the first name is no longer François, but Mohammed. Except for the second most used name – the Hebrew Adam - the next five in Brussels are Rayan, Ayoub, Mehdi, Amine and Hamza.

In the Netherlands since 2009, the name Mohammed is also the most used among the new born. In the four largest cities of the Netherlands - Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht - Mohammed, with its variations of Mohammed and Muhammad, is the most common name among the new born. In The Hague, variations of Islam Prophet’s names are the first, the second and fifth most popular names. In Amsterdam, Mohamed and Mohammed are the first and fourth. Mohammed is also the most popular name in Oslo, surpassing Jan and Per. In Milan, Italy, Mohammed is also the most popular name.

In 2015 in Marseille, to mention one big French city, the names Lina, Chloe and Emma topped among girls, while Mohamed, Adam and Gabriel are the most popular for boys.

The popularity of the Islamic name testifies not only the new European demographic reality, which is totally enigmatic for our “experts” due to illegal immigration, “family unification” programs and hidden polygamy so that demographers can only guess at the numbers of immigrants and their reproduction rates.

It is another sign of how Islam deeply saturates Europe’s imagination. Open any European newspaper and you only read stuff about Islam: “blasphemous” cartoons, new mosques, foreign fighters, terror attacks, burkini and now even names. Europe’s horizon will be totally dominated by the Islamic crescent.

Along with overregulated economies, lavish social-welfare and dwindling populations, that crescent will have the final word on the European Dream.