How can we alert Jews and Gentiles to the danger of BDS?
How can we alert Jews and Gentiles to the danger of BDS?

How can we wake up oblivious Jews and Gentiles to the seriousness of the subversive BDS?

It is becoming more and more important to educate not only the Gentiles and the Jews in the diaspora but also the Israelis, about all the relevant current and historical events. As a matter of fact, I have insisted on creating material in Hebrew for Israelis who did not know many basic facts about their own heritage and their own history. I was delighted to be able to make this material available to the population at large, for example, through the resources on the web sites of and through the - Myth and Facts book, as well as other venues.

Unfortunately, "Hasbara" or just sharing the facts, by themselves is NOT enough. During my interaction with audiences and with private individuals, I have experienced on several occasions, people telling me: "Do not confuse me with the facts!" They were entrenched in their own distorted ideology and wrong basic information, and they did not care about the truth and the facts, as they were presented to them.

Fortunately, several times, I managed to evoke their more focused attention, should they be Jews or Gentile, when I explained to them that, should the villains prevail, it is going to be their own blood that will be running in the streets.

Suddenly they realized that it is not only about the dangers facing irrelevant Israelis or some other Jews, but that everybody may become a target. The evidence supporting this scenario is overwhelming. For example, look at what happened recently:

In the San Bernardino attack

In the Orlando nightclub shooting

and in the terror attacks and bombings in Turkey:.

In addition, many people can be brought tol realize that if the BDS and other subversive NGOs become more successful, it will undermine several vital Israeli interests with specific damages also to the local Arab Palestinian population and to the free people in the world. This will give them another incentive to start listening to the real facts of life. Hopefully it will encourage them to take the correct approach by standing up against the real villains.

An example of support to subversive networks by George Soros, was recently exposed here.

Two of the frequently ignored potential important problems are:

1. Losing the American veto in the UN Security Council, employed for protecting just Israeli interests, may cause lasting damage.

2. Implementing a worldwide international economical and scientific boycott on all Israeli products may choke the state of Israel economically. It will greatly harm the Arab Palestinians and the free world as well, as it will lead to less research, less development, less innovations, less jobs and less anti-terror intelligence and action.

Currently, many Arab Palestinians have lost their livelihood due the closure of several Israeli factories that were damaged by the boycott. For example, look at what happened after the closure of SodaStream

To understand the insanity and the abuse of the anti Israeli and anti Western propaganda, we just have to look with open eyes, at the available extensive information. For example, look at the following resources: , , , , etc.

In conclusion, we cannot sit idle and let the villains' brains wash the minds of the current and future generations with their distorted agenda. We must educate ourselves with the facts and share our knowledge with all our contacts, in the correct context, in order to secure a better future for all people of conscience.